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5 Mindset Shifts An Entrepreneur Must Make

5 Mindset Shifts An Entrepreneur Must Make

Change is incredibly constant. Accepting it, and learning from it, and understanding that, is a serious mental hurdle for entrepreneurs, as their businesses, customers and market shifts over time.

Entrepreneurs are like farmers. They must plant to harvest. However, there’s more to just planting and waiting for the harvest. Entrepreneurs must ensure that they prepare the ground, fight the weeds and of course, the stubborn pests that attack their plants. Imagine the rigours that farmers faced. Let’s imagine that after all what a farmer goes through to plant, then he gets a very low yield during the harvest.

What will he do?

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If he quits, then he was never a farmer. He perhaps had jumped into the profession because of the gains he envisaged. The same is applicable to every entrepreneur out there. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running. Building a productive business is all about having the proper mind frame. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about mindset, however, it has to do with skills and nice ideas.

You must be ready. Something I always ask many people out there – ”are you ready?”

Being ready is more than answering – ”oh yes!”

You have to sit down and think it through. You have to think about the loss, the setbacks, the rejection, and the impossibility. You just have to be a smart thinker and a goal-getter at all costs.

Here are five mindset shifts that will help an entrepreneur:

  • There is no right time:
    It is tempting to wait until the proper timing before beginning your business. Sadly, the proper time never really comes. It will happen after you make it happen, in spite of all obstacles in your personal life. An entrepreneur must get the timing right. If you have to wait for the perfect time, you may have to wait forever.
  • Not knowing is not allowed:
    There are many things you will not know-how as an entrepreneur. This could be scary, however, it’s not a problem. The mindset shift here is realizing that all of the knowledge is out there. It might be stored on the net, in a book, or someone’s head; however, it’s there, and you can find it. Everything else is by simply observing. Eventually, of course, you will also hire individuals to take on any tasks that you have got no ability to handle. Ignorance is never an excuse.
  • Money is just a number:
    You need money to run your business, thus, in fact, you do have to get serious about making it. However, you also cannot let yourself get intimidated by large sums of money. If the thought of handling $10 million scares you, then you’re likely to start sabotaging yourself and your business to stay in your comfort zone. As a business owner, always look at your revenue and decipher how to add a couple of additional zeros. It’s just adding zeros. Always remind yourself that money is just a mere number.
  • Setbacks are not signs:
    Many entrepreneurs drawback when they encounter a setback. You’re guaranteed to encounter setbacks. Conquering setbacks is your new job description in the entrepreneurship journey. An occurrence isn’t a symptom from the universe that you have created a terrible mistake. it is not a reason to quit. Instead, they are a reason to get even better at what you are doing.
  • It is not all about you:
    When you make a business work then you may deserve all of the rewards that go together with your successes. However, customers will tell if your only real interest is in enriching yourself. You cannot have a business if your merchandise or services do not make other people’s lives better. Concentrate on that first then the cash will follow.

Final words;
These aren’t the only breakthroughs you may experience as an entrepreneur. Failing to make these breakthroughs means passing up on opportunities which will take you to the next level. These are a few things you cannot afford to do completely.

As an entrepreneur, you’re to be blamed  for the failure and success of your company; no one else is. You need to take ownership of your results. You are accountable. You need to become a pacesetter and lead people to work for you.

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