5KPlayer is the Best Free 4K HD player in the World Right Now

5KPlayer is the Best Free 4K HD player in the World Right Now

You like videos and certainly need video players that would help you play them across platforms, either at home or on the go. You have tried the 4K HD players and gave up because you could not get the quality experience you have expected. Simply, the 4K HD players are not working for you. I did experience the same thing – and I found a solution. My solution and discovery is the 5KPlayer.

5KPlayer is a legendary solution that works for both Mac and Windows. It supports 5K video playback and the 5K version of iMac Pro, adding superior experience when playing videos. That experience is possible because it uses hardware acceleration which boosts it performance above optimum. When you experience the quality, you can agree that 5kPlayer is simply the best 4K HD player in the world right now.

5KPlayer delicately renders up to HDR 4K/8K videos in MP4, H.265/264, VP8/VP9, MTS, MKV, and VR 360° on Windows 10 and macOS Mojave, including online streams, HD dashcam, phone recordings and DVD videos heavily loaded with multi-subtitle tracks. Baked with TrueTheater technology, your dream for a cozy private home theater is right within your hands’ reach.

What Makes 5KPlayer Great

Here are some features of 5kPlayer which have made it a category-king video player and a solid 4K HD player in the world today. These features are clearly over-performing ones when benchmarked in the industry.

  1. AirPlay Support and Integration. 5KPlayer supports Apple AirPlay technology making it one of the very few video players in the world to have that capability. With this feature, you can easily stream your audio or video files from your Apple device to this music player. 5KPlayer makes interface with Windows and Mac very seamless and that is industry-leading. It does this AirPlay along with the capacity to record iPhone iPad screen while mirroring.
  2. Supports DLNA Compatible Stream: 5KPlayer streams video music between DLNA compatible devices, from Android to PC/Mac, from computer to Android/Smart TV/PS4/Xbox. This reduces drastically the level of friction one can experience to enjoy videos.
  3. Multi-Format Support: 5KPlayer supports subtitle of many formats including *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa, *.json, *.aqt , *.sub, etc. which can save you a lot of trouble in converting subtitle format. You can just simply drag & drop the subtitle file in to the playback window and all changes of subtitles settings will update immediately without restarting the software. The capability to do this means even amateurs with the right technology like 5KPlayer can deliver excellent and superior outcome.
  4. Ease to Processing: Sometimes we find the videos we recorded or downloaded are in wrong orientation, then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it later. With this tool, you can swiftly flip video vertically or horizontally, rotate 90 degrees, rotate 180 degrees or rotate 270 degrees (90 counter-clockwise). Rotation of your videos will never be so easy. Generally, with 5KPlayer, you can do video cutter, and edit the cut video doing things like: rotate, change playback speed, color balance, audio, etc.
  5. 5K Video Playback: 5KPlayer has a great feature that stands out the most from the rest – 5K video playback.  Largely, every player might play a video of this resolution, but I cannot guarantee if that will offer any hardware acceleration to the video that is being played. However, the things here are different as the 5KPlayer does support 5K Playback, and yes, it does accelerate the videos using hardware so you get the complete superior experience all the way.
  6. Versatility in Usage: Capable of playing 4k/UHD/ 360-degree video, music, DVD, live radio, etc. Almost all formats supported across operating systems like Windows and Mac. There are very few video players with this capability.
  7. Support Download: This solution can download from a variety of video streaming platforms like YouTubeFacebook, and Yahoo, expanding the value since sometimes people need to download videos from these platforms.
  8. Satellite Radio Playback: The software can get satellite radio playback from the video player which is great.  Simply, 5KPlayer can receive satellite radio to help you listen to the radio from, such as BBC, Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, XFM, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Absolute Radio and Classic Roc.

Comparison of 5KPlayer and 4K HD

This table below provides a comprehensive comparison of 5KPlayer and 4K HD Player. 5kPlayer certainly wins.

Windows/Mac 5Kplayer Ver 4.5(38mb) 4K HD player (28mb)
Interface/Icon Simple and elegant Ugly with buggy interface quirks
HD image quality Even better UHD video handler:8K/5K/4K A slightly worse image quality
Online Download 300+ online site download/breatpoint resumption download Online video integrate 4K HD player with web channel streaming services
Built-in search
Playback Smooth video playback/patial Blu-ray playback/CPU friendly Good video playback quality/patial Blu-ray playback, but 4K HD player not working also happens occasionally
Formats ast video player that plays almost all known formats ast video player that plays almost all known formats
New user-friendly Lovely playlist with tag function
Flow chart user-guide
Obsolete playlist
Airplay AirPlay (mirroring; recording) for both Window/Mac No(Windows)/yes(Mac)
Customization Customizable
Video De-interlacing
Robust subtitle analyzing and insertion
Video Rotation/Flip
Track synchronization
More audio channel mode: Stereo, RStereo, Left, Right, Dolbys
Video preview function
Play incomplete, unfinished, damaged videos, or an unknown format in its raw form
Highly Customizable
De-interlacing; cropping
Robust subtitle support
Video Rotation/Flip
Track synchronization
Built-in audio equalizer
Apple remote control
Play incomplete, unfinished, damaged videos, or an unknown format in its raw form

—prepared according to related data and 5KPlayer & 4K HD player user comments

Installation and Setup

The brilliance of this solution is the simplicity of the installation process. Once you download from the site, (download on Windows and download on Mac) you are ready to go. Below screen is what shows once the process begins for Windows.

The process is very easy – you can click INSTALL to take the default installation process or you can choose Custom Installation to customize some features like the drive to install the software. But either path works well. As soon as the installation finishes, you can launch and begin using it. It is just that simple!

All Together

This is a very brilliant 4K HD player out of the few in the market. It has great features sets, and optimizes computing resources while providing the mechanisms to download YouTube which is important. The 5K video playback support is superb. You will like to use this product and I invite you to try a giveaway from the company; enter the sweepstake for Panasonic HC-VX1 and YouTube Premium if you are lucky.

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