7 Points To Consider In Developing A Mobile Strategy By BuzzCity

We received a well written piece, via email, from Michael de Souza, of Buzzcity. In the piece he noted that though the mobile eCPM (advertising yield per thousand impressions) seems pretty low in mobile, the opportunity is big and growing. To help stakeholders get into this game, he presented 7 key factors that should be examined as firms develop mobile strategy. We have adapted those points below:

1. Mobile reach is massive and growing, overshadowing all other media

Mobile dwarfs all other media by a long margin. It reaches more people than TV. There are three times as many phones capable of displaying a web page, than there are PCs in the world. There are more active mobile phone subscriptions worldwide than toothbrush owners (5.4 billion vs 4.2 billion). Several of our top markets see network traffic doubling each quarter.

2. It’s not an either/or

When considering a mobile deployment, remember that it’s not an either/or decision (mobile vs the web). It’s an additional channel, allowing you to reach more consumers.

3. Your content can be adapted easily

A couple of years back, we were using our mobile screens to do little more than read SMSs and dial numbers. Since then, behaviour has shifted radically, screens have improved, and millions of users now consume full-length feature articles on mobile devices daily.

4. You’ll reach different users

Many marketers, publishers and advertisersmistakenly view mobile as an extension of their fixed websites – a convenient anytime, anywhere channel to reach the same user base.


5. Are you sabotaging your own potential success?We’ve seen loads of publishers set up premium ad sales teams, armed with rate cards and brochures and ‘advertorial collaboration opportunities’, to sell their inventory to agencies and brands. Because they currently see mobile as the poor relative (from an earnings perspective), they often throw mobile inventory into the deal as a ‘value add’.

6. Spend time and energy designing your mobisite, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely

You’ve no doubt spent considerable time, money and effort designing and optimising your website. You may have optimised it forsearch, and chances are that you pore over your analytics on a weekly (if not daily) basis. Your challenge will be to apply all the lessons you’ve learnt to the mobile web.

 7. Now back to that question about advertising yields…

BuzzCity, like most ad networks, is bid-driven, and therefore governed by supply and demand. Advertisers choose how much they’re willing to pay per click. If they’re not able to spend their intended budget each day, they’ll need to increase their bid, to ensure that the adserver gives their campaign additional exposure, and results in enough clicks to meet their targets.

The bottom line

If there are two words of advice we can give right now, it’s these: “don’t panic”. If you have a mobile presence, you’re in the right place. Keep going. It’s just a matter of making incremental improvements, and building on your efforts.

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