Nigeria’s Confusing High-voltage Searchlights

Nigeria’s Confusing High-voltage Searchlights

Focus less on Buhari and those governors, and use your time for more productive things. If you see Nigeria through them, you will struggle. Yes, while it pays to be aware, you may be shortening your opportunity antenna if all you feed your mind are innuendos, political hacks, alternative facts, etc.

Nigeria is becoming facts-free and everything is twisted. A president upgrades his economic team, an emir commends him, and many begin to throw high-voltage searchlights to find a broken fuse in the vice president’s future.

Get it – my senator is APC, my house member is APC and most from my part from Abia state voted APC because PDP was not working in their lives. But do not be deceived, all those APCs they voted in, came from PDP! So, what have they achieved?

People, we need to chill in this country. Nigeria needs to be here before 2023 election! Allow these elected or selected people room to fail or thrive.


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