A CFA CharterHolder To Teach Accounting in Tekedia Mini-MBA

A CFA CharterHolder To Teach Accounting in Tekedia Mini-MBA

He is a young man and amazingly brilliant. He graduated with First Class from University of Lagos and holds the prestigious CFA charter. A chartered accountant, he has worked in three of the Big 4. Call him one of his nation’s very best! 

Idris Ayinde teaches Managerial Accounting, Business Decision Making and Growth in Tekedia Mini-MBA. He has broken those complex accounting things and common people like us can understand. Our goal in this session is to empower our community to understand how deeper insights on accounting ratios, and other elements, could make them better decision makers and growth makers. In other words, when they use what Idris has put in his lectures, innovation happens, execution becomes easier, and growth takes place.

At Tekedia Institute, we are nurturing innovators with glocal leaders in business, technology and markets. Join us and attend Idris class and his Live session.



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