A Cryptocurrency to Invest in in 2020

A Cryptocurrency to Invest in in 2020

Bitcoin pops into mind when you think of a stable cryptocurrency to invest in in 2020. Bitcoin has proven to be a decentralized electronic currency with stability in both the short and long-term. You can buy items in local shops, get paid in bitcoins and use it to shop online. Expatriates in foreign countries can send bitcoins home to help their families; regardless of where they work around the world. There has been no single, corporation, government or nation that has been able to control Bitcoin since its inception. This applies to other cryptocurrencies as well. However, Bitcoin is unique and it is the currency to invest in in 2020 due to the following reasons

Bitcoin Properties

Bitcoin being the first successful digital currency has core properties including being immutable, decentralized, censorship-resistant, scarce and open-source. These properties have made it stand out from the others as ideal money for people all over the world for a long time. Besides, Bitcoin is more than a system to store and transfer value from one person to another. Although, you can buy some items which have Bitcoin addresses stored on them, the durability of the currency makes it worth being used over the worldwide web as money now and in the future.

Bitcoin Network

Any currency can maintain its value by the virtue that it is in limited supply. The Bitcoin network has a rule that binds the network users as a whole (NakitCoins experts) with a high degree of security. The rule determines the quantity of bitcoin produced and allowed in circulation at any one time. Almost all of the users on the network would have to agree to change the rule. This is almost impossible, given they would have to agree to change the network policy and standards. This makes Bitcoin scarce and therefore of the highest value. This currency is also divisible up to decimal places. Therefore, used on a worldwide scale you can transact in fractions of bitcoin. If the value increases at any given time, it will mean casual daily spending would be in bits and milli bits which are the decimals. You can do your daily groceries with as little as 50 milli bits. This makes Bitcoin the right cryptocurrency for the 2020 and the future due to its viability.

Bitcoin Versatility

The ability for this currency to be stored on your computer, electronic gadget or bitcoin specific hardware wallet is also a plus to the currency. As compared to carrying a wallet full of cash or even gold, it’s much lighter and thus frictionless and weightless. This means you can easily move around with it. This has made it possible to move huge amounts of value across the world almost at no cost. This has made bitcoin quite efficient and promising for future investments and transactions.


Bitcoin provides an avenue for business people or any other person to carry out business transactions or run their daily affairs in a relaxed and flexible environment. For the future, Bitcoin has alleviated the risks associated with many currencies due to its stability, and statistical data that has shown a promising future. Bitcoin remains the cryptocurrency to invest in in 2020 going forward.

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