A Ghanian Pitched KeepUpWithMe In Garage48 Accra – A TweekDec Clone

This is the list of ideas pitched at Garage48 Accra. The interesting aspect is the clone of  something better than TweetDec. Will it be sold?

1. GHSWAPS – web-app to give away, swap stuff, home appliance, etc – things they don’t need really anymore. A web-based exchange platform.

2. EazyResponse – an app to help a school to communicate with parents of the students. Sending out the notifications helping parents to get info on their mobile.
3. eVOCITI.com – a database combining people with common interests and products / services according to their interests. Perfect for events.
4. One Item Per Day – On-line / mobile auction site, enabling to express also preferences of the buyers – getting notified when the product becomes available. Bidders are the winners!
5. Adwaso – a mobile app to get adverts from merchants according to your interests. Bringing merchants and their customers together.
6. National Documents Library – system to categorize and organize documents for ministries and other state entities. A document management system for the government entities. In the future an option to digitize older documents to bring into the system.
7. Keepupwithme – bring together and aggregate all social platforms into one – one point to see the info coming from the different channels and one point to publish the information. (similar to TweetDec, but better)
8. Back to Ghana – talented people study abroad and they don’t come back. We must get them back. On-line portal advertising business opportunities in ghana and job opportunities in Ghana. An on-line community to bring people back to Ghana. Monetizing – advertisement by companies searching for foreign partners and investors.
9. Students Tour Planner – event organizer with a twist. Students can plan a tour around Ghana with agreed budget down to detail. Transportation, accommodation, and food would be suggested. Also enabling planning for groups.
10. Unified Payment Platform – bringing together different payment system providers (MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, eTranzact, etc). Challenge to get the providers together.
11. Shopping Cart – cart combining buying, selling and shipping.
12. ElectronicPA – electronic personalized assistant, helping setting appointments, meetings, giving also alerts etc. An on-line secretary.
13. Assign Mate – sharing ideas and intelligence together. Learning together virtually. Joining classmates, library, and teachers.
14. Basta-Basta – Native mobile app helping security in Ghana and across Africa. Map is on the phone – helping to send an SOS messages to nearby policemen. Policemen can also locate other policemen nearby.
15. empCollab – employee retention management app. people who have quit their job, the employer often does not know why people quit. automate the exit interview process – so the exit interview is not a face-to-face or official office environment interview. Statistical analysis.
16. TourGhana – on-line 3D Tour of the Tourist Sites in Ghana. Monetization – the tour costs a little.
17. StreetCafe – solving problem of limited internet access (for example at the university campus). Create hotspots out-doors, access is granted via mobile short-code.
18. Housing Directory – Bringing together people looking for accommodation and people offering rooms or apartments. A channel for finding rooms and apartments. With maps and preference listings. Helping students and people moving to town.

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