A Key Project In 2021 – Launching Tekedia Capital

A Key Project In 2021 – Launching Tekedia Capital

Happy New Year again. And I am happy to share part of my expected result, in 2021, based on the postulation I explained this morning. In 2021, I want to set up Tekedia Capital – a very early stage venture ecosystem. I have seen a trajectory and the validation is there: the new species of companies called startups are bringing an economic-Cambrian moment like never before, in Africa’s markets. Our goal is to become a feeder, and a pipeline, for the world of investing and venture business. We have done well, and I hope to institutionalize what we have learnt so far, at the next level.

I am confident that many would like to join this party with us. But one key component will be using platforms to drive financial services including how people invest in new businesses. I have called the construct the fintechnolization of platforms, and I expect that to become the steady state of all digital platforms. The Tekedia Mini-MBA members shaped this idea; I will begin the evolution with them.

I think we have a real chance of co-creating a model that would deliver results. It comes down to software, and how it could remove information asymmetry, and improve the efficiency on the utilization of factors of production. Yes, through Tekedia, we “hear” the sounds of the new Africa, and we think we can respond, effectively.

The massive shift to technology-driven productivity which the pandemic has seeded will unlock more vistas in markets. I have been working on a framework which is based on the construct that all digital platforms have one final steady state for capturing massive value: offering financial services. Yes, when you have a platform, in any domain, you must offer a financial services product!

Tekedia is a platform and under my construct of the fintechnolization of platforms, it must offer a fintech solution. We are choosing early stage investing!

We will be hiring on this later in the year; more details later.


Click to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 8 – May 3, 2021): online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Full curriculum here.

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    1. Facebook has Libra or its blockchain. Facebook also now processes your payment via Facebook Local. Google in India has a payment unit which is big. Alibaba has a fintech unit. In US, Google is offering checking account in partnership with a bank. Amazon now offers lending at scale. Tencent offers lending and wealth management. MPESA platform will begin to offer wealth management. Let me say this, most platforms will converge.


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