A Letter To A Waiting Graduate

A Letter To A Waiting Graduate

We live in a society where a fresh Graduate from a Nigerian university finds it hard to own a decent job even after two years of rigorous search. As a result, such academically equipped individual begins to deteriorate over time, especially in his/her mental engagements.

However, it is important to note that WE can stay RELEVANT till we own our dream job with that perfect employer. We can bridge the long gap between unemployment, age, mental meltdown and emotional stress.

One of the most significant features of mankind is TIME. It has proven to be of great essence to all humans, hence, we all have a chance even as time evolves gradually. We all have our own seasons. Therefore, we can utilize TIME, being our greatest weakness and strength to BUILD and STAY RELEVANT.


  • Build global skills by following the global trends; for instance, Sustainability Development Goals. You can align your career path or vision to the world recognized Sustainability Development Goals.
  • Learn soft skills like critical thinking skills, communication skills, public speaking and leadership.
  • Work your hands around a vocational skill. Yes young graduates, do something with your hands.
  • Volunteer and attend global conferences while you wait. Make volunteering the core of your being. Remember, the best way to develop your mind is to serve others in your basic skills.
  • Access global opportunities to broaden your academic prowess like www.opportunitydesk.com and www.opportunitiesforafricans.com.
  • Work on your social media platforms, especially professional and media platforms like Twitter and Linkedln connections. Your outlook as an individual is very important, therefore, develop meaningful content on your career goals.
  • Make learning a priority. Graduates, learn, learn and learn. The act of learning cannot be overemphasized. You can learn from various platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Google Online Courses and other places.
  • Finally, see yourself as an employer or an employed staff every day. Be accountable for every minute of your time and never think of yourself as unemployable. Every day you wake up, use your 9am to 5pm to learn something new. While others are earning; you’re learning. Employers want to ensure you are not a liability to their firm.

So, cheer up! Your condition isn’t going to last forever if you can own your life and stay responsible.

I look forward to seeing you at global platforms.

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