A Look At The Big Eyes Token And Why It Might Outperform Cardano And Hedera

A Look At The Big Eyes Token And Why It Might Outperform Cardano And Hedera

The cryptocurrency market is exploding, with new coins and tokens constantly appearing. We have seen a significant increase in the popularity of virtual currencies in the last few months as individuals have become increasingly aware of their existence and viability as investments.

In this post, we will explore three virtual currency projects that are rapidly gaining traction in the crypto space: Big Eyes Coin, Cardano, and Hedera. Each has its own set of qualities, advantages, and disadvantages. Please continue reading to learn more about these tokens and which one is best for you to invest in.

An Insight Into The Big Eyes Token

Big Eyes is a comprehensive community coin designed to move money into the DeFi ecosystem while safeguarding a critical component of world ecology. Big Eyes promises more by creating a self-propagating blockchain ecosystem that will utilize NFTs to enable access to more information and instances that will make the blockchain hypeship appealing to the board.

BIG is the community’s native token. Big Eyes, the coin’s meme, is a daring and adorable cat. NFT gifts, tokens, and other advantages will be given to ecosystem members. At the time of launch, there will be 200,000,000,000 tokens available. 70% of tokens will be available in a public presale, 20% will be available for exchanges, 5% for marketing wallets, and 5% will be available for charity. Members of the ecosystem will be able to use BIG for things such as staking, gaining access to liquidity pools, paying fees, receiving rewards, and carrying out NFT activities.

The network also offers its members a tax-free purchase option. Members will also profit from the platform’s dynamic tax structure, which includes purchasing a liquidity pool, auto burn, and the network’s marketing wallet. Other fundraising attempts on the network include selling items, imposing a tax on NFT purchases, and boosting awareness.

Let’s Engage Cardano

Cardano is a development environment that allows developers to design tokens, decentralized apps, and other use cases for scalable blockchain networks. Cardano was designed to be a superior alternative to Ethereum, and its functionality is built on smart contracts.

The Cardano platform is powered by ADA. One of its tasks is to serve as the currency for staking and pledging in the Cardano ecosystem. Transaction fees are used to reimburse users. The amount of ADA a user wagers determines the prize. On the Cardano platform, ADA will eventually be valid for a greater range of apps and services.

Lastly, Hedera

Hedera offers various services, including the development and maintenance of fungible and non-fungible tokens for use as payment methods, voting tokens, or digital collectibles. It also keeps track of assets in a supply chain, IP rights, or identity credentials by recording immutable, verifiable, and reasonably organized event logs for any program or permissioned blockchain architecture.

HBAR is Hedera’s utility token, and it is used to pay for network functions like data logging, token maintenance, and cash transfer between network nodes. Furthermore, HBAR coins are staked on network nodes to measure the vote on transactions.

For more information on Big Eyes (BIG)


Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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