A Sales Secret all Entrepreneurs Should Know

A  Sales Secret all Entrepreneurs Should Know

What I will be revealing to you in this article can be the only reason why your business will not fail.

Who you know will determine where you will go. Let me put it in a better way, who you know will determine who knows you, and who knows you will determine who can speak for you.

I have observed one of my respected mentors (Strive Masiyiwa) closely, based on what he does and his capacity to execute. I closely observed to make a discovery, and to implement what I will be learning.

During the covid-19, he made an announcement that made me come to a conclusion on my observation.

He mobilized teams and resources to launch some amazing innovations to tackle the pandemic and one among them is the Africa Medical Supply Platform (AMSP). A marketplace for medical equipment, especially needed for the Covid -19 medical operations.

I learnt that he leverages on talented people and people with diverse resources. Hence, his rate of success has been very high.

I shall be sharing that strategy with you. This secret will determine the success of other things, but most importantly your sales growth.

Before I proceed, I have started implementing it and it has been very productive.

The Differentiating Sales Secret

I will share with you the strategy and the tool to start implementing it right away. I hope you are very attentive. Yes, you are.

  • The Networking Strategy.

Networking is making connections with other people of similar interest and pursuits. Networking strategy is making intentional connections in such a way that it will be beneficial to you and your business.

That opportunity you need is what certain people. The answer to your sales problem is people. The answer to your progress in life is the people. But, not everybody, people that have what you need.

When you connect with these people, your chances of getting what you want from them will be high.

For instance, I run a digital/software development start-up (Codecitty) and I am a Copywriter. The people that I need to network with in order to have high chances of sales are business people.

They have the need and they know people that need digital services. So they can easily recommend me.

Well, that is one of the many benefits of networking strategy. I like you to think for a moment on this question: who can I connect with that needs my product?

How to Implement The Strategy

I want this message to be a complete insight, that can guide you to start taking actions, right away. So, I will show you the one tool you need to start networking.

  •  The Internet Tool.

As a digital entrepreneur, all the people I know today, I knew them first on the internet before physical meeting.

A good example is my co-founder, we got connected on the internet through a friend I also found online. The founder of Lyft found each other online too, as 3S Rules explained.

From there we discussed certain things and we went on to start a business together.

That is how networking strategy can be beneficial, if you can only maximize it.

You have the internet available to you. There are billions of people using social media platforms  such as WatsApp, Facebook etc. daily. Leverage on the internet for your advantage.

You have an internet engine on your hand. The smartphone can change your life in amazing ways, as I explained in this article. Use your smartphone to explore the internet with the singular purpose of  networking.

 How do you do that? By reaching out to people online.

 I will stop here and continue in my next publication. But, before I draw the curtain, I want you to summarize what you have learnt and start implementing it today.

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