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A University Selects Fasmicro To Train Its Students and Staff on Embedded Systems & Mobile Apps (Android)

We are very excited that Fasmicro (parent company of tekedia.com) will travel to the Western part of the nation to help a university train its students on embedded systems and Android app development. Details of this program which will be available to the general public is being worked out. Fasmicro will also setup for the private university an Android Lab as well as Embedded Systems Lab.


The content below is an Introduction to our proposal to the school.


Introduction: Over the last few decades, new technology applications have become very central to the process of socio-economic development of nations. The application of ICT integrates people, processes and tools efficiently and cheaply boosts economic growth and productivity. It continues to revolutionize all aspects of human existence, both in the public and private sectors, by connecting individuals, organizations, and countries electronically in mutually dependent global relationships.

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Increasingly, the world is experiencing new dimensions in knowledge acquisition, creation, dissemination and usage. Microelectronics, the engine of modern commerce and industry, directly or indirectly, is enabling these revolutionary changes. When this technology advances, a dawn emerges in global economy in speed, efficiency and capacity. Yet, despite its pervasive impacts on daily lives and businesses, it remains to be diffused in Africa. A vision of knowledge workers cannot be achieved in this continent without a creative microelectronics program. Accordingly,  Fasmicro plans to provide technical direction and support to universities, policy-makers and small and medium enterprises towards advancing Africa’s technical capability, including microelectronics, mobile apps, signal processing and embedded systems in general, through this workshop.

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