Adinka eCards are Truly Engaging and Delightful – Check Them At iTunes

Have you ever heard of the elegant Adinkra symbols from Ghana? Adinkra is a stamped traditional cloth made by the Asante people of Ghana. The symbols which decorate the cloth are called Adinkra symbols. Each Adinkra symbol has a name and a proverb associated with it that silently speaks of words of wisdom reflecting the philosophy, religious beliefs, social values and political history of the Akan people.


It is an app that enables you to create spectacular e-cards with Adinkra symbols and Kente cloth strips on your iPhone or iPod touch and email them to your friends.


Adinkra E-Cards is a simple but engaging app with over a hundred Adinkra symbols that you can learn about, personalize into beautiful e-cards and send them to friends and loved ones on any memorable occasion that you want to tell them something profound, encourage them, share in their joy, urge them on to victory, show your love, thank them or just to say Hi.



  • Use iTunes 9 or higher
  • At least the iPhone OS 3.0 for iPod Touch and


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