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Africa Phase: The Footprint Starts here – Amadioha Speaks

Africa Phase: The Footprint Starts here – Amadioha Speaks

I stopped worrying about my identity as a Nigerian and started warming up for my ideology; The world clock is yet turning its hands to the favor of Mama Africa, in no time. And the question is; Are you ready for what is about to happen?

This prophecy is so vivid that even a busy hustler on the street can attest to it. At first it is coming as a really challenging moment in every African man and woman’s life due to the difficulties following the pandemic, but if you look at it with deep learning eyes, you will agree that, before a great success, comes a grave suffering.

If our fathers are considerate enough to reserve at least the sovereignty of our individual nations; the young, bright and innovative generation will build castles of greatness on it.

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The great business moguls; Dangote, Coscharis, Tony Elumelu, Ndubuisi Ekekwe (PHD), and a few others have cleared some of the toughest Sambisa forest in the Automobile, Venture Market, Food and Civil Engineering propagator industry, and Intellectual innovations. The space that is vacant to big scale is the Internet space.

Who will lead the children of Africa to this top mountain, technically and ensure the water of life continues flowing, to never want to return back to the Masters onion and fishes to survive.

The America’s four giants, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are holding the world to what can be termed as, “ransom,” if not like a stiff kick on a cold grossed tight ball, I wonder what it is. If we do not take this  bull by the horn seriously, and find a route to freedom, while we celebrate the success of the mentioned, what are we doing?

If after the Pandemic (Covid 19) era, and Africa does not produce and empower the next game changers in Technology, we will leave the discussion and enter into the street to continue hawking pure water. Although we have hopes with innovations such as Social Media (PingSMile.com), Internet Service provider (BeepTool), Education game changers (Tekedia), Food accessibility facilitators (FoodMoby.com), and a powerful stance in the Tv media solution providers (Bestlifeontv.com). No need to worry, but there is war that looks so weary even from afar. Omoh gather liver on time oh!

The Footprint started long ago, but the type that will change the future of Africa starts from here. Do not be scared to start working on that dream project, no matter how humongous it may look, as long as it is not a thing to do after life, there is hope. Just start. This is a message to the young think tanks of Africa, which you are one of them, by grace.

A great future doesn’t require a great past:

This could have been so true, but Africa has great past, so why is the present such a threat to a great future? is it because the sense of instant gratification  is ravaging the system, or that we are so scared to be seen as genuine hustlers with hope of winning, although not yet, but surely with the right attitude. The current mental design of an average African, especially a Nigerian youth, is that… IF YOU NO BUY BENZ, WETIN YOU GAIN.

This should be the wackiest mindset you will ever live to experience today. What now happens, to the success of great men like Elon Musk? was he tearing up to buy benz at early 20’s or was he eyeing a future nobody ever thought would go private. The choice is yours to make, but a must by the virtue of owning your next generation a good shelter. IF E NO CONCERN YOU TODAY, E GO CONSPIRE AGAINST YOU TOMORROW. No talk says, I no tell you oh.

You need to pay the heavy price for the success you want to celebrate and live off:

This was a quote by my friend, Mr. Mpilo Mbali from Democratic Republic of Congo, a renowned miner of Copper Ore, Gold Ore amongst other special minerals; One would not argue that you need to pay the price for the future you aim at, but the issue is usually inability to understand what exact price that has to be paid for this future. Is it to study, or work hard selling firewood or spending 60% of your daily time in the farm? I do not think these are the points.

Take for instance, you want a future where your living room will be as big as Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group. That would be so mediocre to dream of as life’s ultimate goal. What happens if an earthquake the range of 5 and above happens, that house goes way below the ground level, and leaving the burden on the insurance company to cover; to certain percentage only.


  • Let us instead set the goal to have the next world power from Africa; Nigeria it is possible!
  • Let us build the next Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple from Africa
  • Let us innovate the Education system of Africa and build the next Oxford University in our motherland; Tekedia Institute can be the next Harvard University in Africa.
  • Let us grow the next Indian farms in Africa
  • Let us develop the next Microsoft brains in Africa


These and more similar dreams are the kind of goals we must start setting today; Africa Phase: The Footprint Starts here – Amadioha Speaks. And the international town crier Tekedia.com bears me witness.

Sacrifice, persistence, drive, failure, rejection, loss all sum up to answer success:

Remember that nothing good comes easy. If we must build the Africa of our dream, (okorobia, agboghobia, Nna, Nne, Agadi, genu nti.. Hausa, Yoruba, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Africa in diaspora, Ndi be anyi), we will surely face the challenges, but there is high probability to win.

Just like; Mr. Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo learnt from a lesson from the (Lead Generation Masterclass), taught by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju the Director of PixelTrack and DigitalDeepak digital marketing online institution in Bangalore India; that, if you must win in the art of sales and lead generation prowess, you must be ready to work with Large Numbers.

Case Study: If a man wants to gain the attention of at least one fine lady in his community, he must be ready to talk to at least more than one (1) person. At the end of the day, one person must reply to Hi. This is applicable to generating lead to win sales. Also applicable to gaining more followers on Instagram; you must put out more content or pay Meme pages that have more followers to draw the traffic to your page. but then you need to continue working creatively to retain the magnet, by offering value not status.

If we must build and win the space of the future, for Mama Africa, the foot print must start today, with the right gigantic goal in place. Set the dream so big that even the moon will seem so small to shine through it all night hence allowing the stars and the sun to help. NA WE DEH HERE. Let us make it happen while we still can.

An adage speaks; Sometimes starting late may lead to your early success, more than starting early. It is vice versa. So do not worry that we maybe starting late, let us just get to work, now.

Thank you for reading, you may add your thoughts on how best we can build the next Silicon Valley from Africa in the comment section.

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