African Leaders Have Responsibilities On Xenophobic Attacks

African Leaders Have Responsibilities On Xenophobic Attacks

The xenophobic attack in South Africa is not new. In fact, it has been in existence since the days of Nelson Mandela.

Africans were made to see themselves differently. We don’t believe each other. Africa brother won’t patronize a fellow African brother’s service or product. The inferiority complex and mental slavery have been imbibed in us that we don’t believe in ourselves or speak good of ourselves. Confusion of the highest order.

They say Africa is one but I stand to be corrected. We have White Africa and Black Africa. Amongst White Africa is a great division. Likewise, Black Africa, we have division.

The battle for supremacy is killing us. A weak man fights for superiority over his fellow man. A case of the ”Xenophobic Attack” on Nigeria in South Africa. South Africans are weak and delusional. But who do we blame? – Leadership.

African leaders have always failed us a long time ago. They inculcated division and confusion into our lives. The battle for supremacy during elections has eaten deep into every citizen. Spreading false stories and feeding the weak African minds. We also gazumped it and act upon just like a man with no sense of his own.

Think deep Africans. No nation has ever made it by division. Growth occurs where there is unity.

It’s a shame that our education system has failed us. Africans don’t know their history. I don’t know my history. That’s why we all act like animals that have no hope.

If killing your own brother brings peace, ask countries that have experienced war in recent times. Whoever is feeding you lies about your own African brothers, is building you up for destruction. Your African brother is not your enemy. Your ego, inferiority complex, jealousy and inability to think is your enemy.

Our leaders are our worst enemies. They are feeding us lies to distract us from fighting for our rights. If you have fallen for this trick, wise up.

Besides, if our African leaders build our continent and make life easier for all, nobody would be interested in leaving his motherland.

The Big Challenge – Africans Killing Africans

When Africans start to kill Africans, then it says a lot about our mentality. There are better things Africans can invest their energy, but it’s disheartening that Africans choose to kill fellow Africans.

The xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa is a shame to the African government. How do we move forward as Africans when brothers are killing brothers?

It makes me wonder what the South African President is actually doing about this? Do we have to start destroying South African businesses in Nigeria before the political leaders have to rise and quench this fire?

What type of continent is this?

African continent with black thinking, animalistic behaviours and retarded growth. The African continent where black sold black for a penny. Too many lies the black leaders told black.

Moving forward in life, black holds black. Black hates black. Even black underrates black. If African brothers can’t move freely in the African country or region, then I doubt if Africa will ever make progress.

If care is not taken, this might lead to war. Do we want war? I bet those clamouring for war have never experienced any. We don’t want war. We want peace.

African leaders, this is beyond politics. It’s time to take action before the nation starts rising against nation. If you don’t stop the killing by taking measurable actions, it could become an unquenchable fire.

It seems South Africans has quickly forgotten how Nigeria stood by them in times of trouble. Nigeria has always been nothing but good to them. Nevertheless, we won’t stop being kind to our fellow African brothers. That’s why we are the giant of Africa.

South Africans killing our Nigerian brothers in their country says a lot about their mentality. As Africans, we need orientation. If conflicts, killings and war is our best way of voicing our discontent, then we are indeed a third world country. Who does that in this present world?

As much as I love South Africa, I condemn this act and I won’t blame anyone but the leaders.

This has been going on for a while, but you did nothing. You only care about looting and feeding your animalistic ego. If it was your fellow political counterparts that go against the laws of the land, we know how you always treat them.

When you fall sick, we know how you travel overseas to get yourself treated. But when it is about your people, all you do is fold your arms and watch. Since it doesn’t affect your own family.

The black man thinking. Me-mentality is the problem with Africa. Since it doesn’t affect me, I will do nothing.

Shame on African leaders!!!


God bless Africa!

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