African Universities Should Offer This MIT Course On Technology Innovation In Agriculture

African Universities Should Offer This MIT Course On Technology Innovation In Agriculture

Innovation is critical for success. Agriculture is one of those areas we will need innovation especially in Africa. There are several major universities across the world that are putting agriculture technology at the forefront of their curriculum. Classes cover everything from using drones to capture crop information, applying variable rate prescriptions to crop fields, and managing water usage.

While many current courses are helping to arm the next generation of tech-savvy farmers and agribusiness professionals, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is taking its students in a slightly different direction.

The prestigious Boston-based university is offering a course for agricultural professionals called “Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and the Environment.”

The Earth’s population will likely exceed 10 billion people in just a few decades, requiring an 80% increase in agricultural production. This presents an urgent need for innovative technologies to make agriculture more efficient, as well as to optimize and adapt existing processes to changing conditions. This course focuses on three fundamental areas that underpin agricultural innovation:

  1. Nano/micro/global aspects of environmental impacts including climate, weather, and microbiological
  2. The application of advanced technologies, such as new materials and machines, in agricultural processes
  3. The use of data and modeling to improve yield by enhanced precision and predictive power using large-scale data analytics and simulation

This course offers a unique interdisciplinary experience, bringing together faculty and practitioners from related areas. It’s the only place you can get such a concentrated and comprehensive view of this emerging field.

Maybe we need to replicate this type of course across universities in Africa. We need to feed our people and end hunger in the continent.

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