Africans Are Becoming Netizens – Kenyan Dealfish Is Powering Online Marketplace!


The presentation of Moses Kemibaro- Regional Manager, Dealfish is very interesting. It provided  data on how Kenya is doing in the online marketplace business. With 250,000 + visitors, that is a great effort from a smaller nation like Kenya. Check out those statistics to appreciate what will happen when the cables are completed and Africa has great bandwidth. Business will be UP.


This firm is everywhere, including Nigeria. Interestingly, they make local sites for most of the regions. So customers get that free online market place that has been established to provide safe and transparent transactions between buyers and sellers of goods and services throughout Kenya and most African cities in the local context.


Some key points about dealfish:

  • Dealfish has around 300k visits per month making the site among the most visited sites in Kenya in a space of 6 months…
  • 50 % of Dealfish’s traffic is through mobile phones. Talking of which, over 70% of those are through Nokia phones. Something for developers to think about..
  • According @Moseskemibaro, they are not yet sure on how to monetize their products and services. …Raising many questions about Kenyan internet users!
  • Transparency in pricing in Kenya is an issue. But it is assured bet that online Commerce will bring in transparency on pricing across the board in Kenya.




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