Africa’s Sankofa Innovation Book Is Helping Entrepreneurs: My Exchange With One

Africa’s Sankofa Innovation Book Is Helping Entrepreneurs: My Exchange With One

This is a conversation with a subscriber on my new book – Africa’s Sankofa Innovation (subscribe here). This book is helping many people to think critically on how they execute their African business strategies. This is our reader’s conclusion: “Sankofa is deep. It’s worth the charge. Thank you”

This is an exchange on LinkedIn few hours ago with one of the subscribers (I have his permission to share). I formatted it to make it readable.

Reader: Good day Sir. I am confused trying to understande what you mean, when you stated on the 12.1 of Sankofo “How to Compete Against Conglomerates to Win” That is ” Accumulation Of Capabilities ” How did Dulfil Prima Foods accumulate these capabilities.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe: Greetings. Did you watch the video? Let me know. But if you check the video, the typical things say Dangote could have done like power plants, training school, etc are things Dufil did. It took the firm many years. So with those capabilities, there are no other way Dangote for example could be more efficient than Dufil in noodle making. Watch the video and let me know if there is any further confusion. We can skype and I will explain. The deal is to operate at the upper level of the competition pyramid

Ok. Let me watch the video, would let you know if any more issues. Have finished the text. Waiting for the next. Sankofa is deep. It’s worth the charge. Thank you.

Thanks. Cheers

Have watched the video and couple of others. Wow. I have had sleepless night on how to play at the upstream, even with the mobile cinema project that we are about to launch its 1st phase, the plans and challenges has been how to contend with potential challengers, how to dominate the sector over a short period and how when we get to the top. I never knew what we have been working on is Accumulation of Capabilities. And you so made it clear. What more can I say.

Thanks Eloka. Check Chapter 12.3 also to get the frameworks as you plan a cinema business. Those frameworks will help you in managing your cost. Can I share your comment on Linkedin? This last one. I want people to see the value on how this book can help people find insights on business. Thanks

Yes. The Open Model. It’s basically Aggregation Construct. By the 1st phase is building the network effect, where we expand the user base within a short period before the cinema presence.

Yes – you are connecting the pieces together now. 

No. Problem air. You can share it.

[We continued discussing the business model]


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