Amazon Goes Double Play With “Just Walk Out”

Amazon Goes Double Play With “Just Walk Out”

This is another double play innovation: “Amazon on Monday announced it will now offer its cashierless store technology, called “Just Walk Out,” to other retailers. The technology uses a combination of cameras, sensors, computer vision techniques and deep learning to allow customers to shop, then leave the store without waiting in line to pay. This is the same technology that today powers the Amazon Go cashierless convenience stores and Amazon’s newly launched Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle.”

Just like it introduced AWS, Amazon has another product it can “tax” retailers just as it got them into its cloud business after making them see a hopeless future of physical retail in U.S unless you are Target, Bestbuy or Walmart. Yes, if you are a retailer and use this technology, Amazon is very sure that as you grow, it has a portion secured because you will need more of Just Walk Out!

You run an ecommerce operation, and your cloud services come from Amazon. You run a digitized retailing system, and the services come from Amazon. Think of the power of double play strategy working on you!

This is the ATM machine of retail. Yes, just as banks eliminate those special people to save money in front offices, Amazon has put a steroid on job destruction in the retail sector.

Just Walk Out technology enables shoppers to simply enter a store, grab what they want, and just go. Born from years of experience at Amazon Go, Just Walk Out uses a combination of technologies to eliminate checkout lines. We now offer retailers the ability to leverage this technology in their stores to help bring fast and convenient checkout experiences to more shoppers.

In Just Walk Out-enabled stores, shoppers enter the store using a credit card. They don’t need to download an app or create an Amazon account. Our Just Walk Out technology detects what products shoppers take from or return to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. When done shopping, they can just walk out and their credit card will be charged for the items in their virtual cart. If shoppers need a receipt, they can visit a kiosk in the store and enter their email address. A receipt will be emailed to them for this trip. If they use the same credit card to enter this or any other Just Walk Out-enabled store in the future, a receipt will be emailed to them automatically.


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One thought on “Amazon Goes Double Play With “Just Walk Out”

  1. As long as they don’t innovate plenty people out of job, because if they do, there won’t be shoppers, only those who are gainfully employed shop, it’s not magic.

    We can think of improving efficiency in retail stores, but we still need those smiling faces who welcome us and assist us there; no robot or automation can bring what they bring, because humans are special creatures.

    So before We Walk Out, we need those smiles and all the beautiful things that go with them.


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