Amazon Is Unveiling Broadband Satellite Operation

Amazon Is Unveiling Broadband Satellite Operation

This is a big deal: Amazon is unveiling a satellite broadband venture. Watch out, very soon, Amazon Prime members may be getting internet services at home from Amazon.

Amazon is asking the Federal Communications Commission for approval of its Project Kuiper satellite broadband venture, and referring to potential synergies with Amazon Web Services as a strong selling point. …

That revelation was contained in documents that were filed with the International Telecommunication Union. On Thursday, Amazon’s wholly owned Kuiper Systems subsidiary followed up with a fresh set of FCC filings.

This is a massive one, from the FCC filing: “Amazon sells products and services to hundreds of millions of customers today via physical and online stores, entertainment content streaming, design and manufacturing of consumer electronics devices, and leading public cloud computing web services. Amazon also has global terrestrial networking and compute infrastructure required for the Kuiper System, including intercontinental fiber links, data centers, compute/edge compute capabilities and the tools, techniques, and know-how to securely and efficiently transport data.”

My prediction remains: we will have massive internet connectivity by 2022 even in Africa. These satellites will end up helping African customers.

2022 Will Usher The Era Of Wireless Nigeria, Africa


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