An Offer to Acquire Tekedia

An Offer to Acquire Tekedia

Things happen: a U.S. company wants to acquire Tekedia. They sent a note this week.

I was wondering if you would be interested in selling Tekedia? …Would you be open to a brief discussion …?

To be honest, we exchanged emails with the company. But I will not sell Tekedia. It is the heart of our advisory business. It scales everything we do in Fasmicro Group, on getting the messages out. There is no need to sell it as the subscribers cover the hosting fees and associated costs.  Thanks to the believers.

I declined the company’s interest. I would have lost control of my two recent books: Africa’s Sankofa Innovation and the newly unveiled Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics: Policy, Management and Technology (we are posting one chapter per day for the 28 chapters).

But the lesson is this: there are many ways to succeed in life if you can just commit to do something differently. You do not have to be necessarily great in that, but you must use hard work to cover any shortcoming. If you want to run a blog and every morning you copy Guardian, Punch and TechCrunch contents as yours, no one would care. But if you focus on something that is uniquely yours, the world will reward you.

One more secret: do not just post those contents on LinkedIn where Google cannot see them efficiently. Post somewhere and then link to LinkedIn. That way, you serve LinkedIn audience and connect to the future believers via Google. Also, by having it somewhere, you create a brand. A website makes it easier to consume since some companies ban social media sites like LinkedIn at work. And you want them to read your strategy; LinkedIn is not going to make that easier.

We truly treasure having you here. Thanks

We Want to Buy Books

To be honest, we have a business here. If anyone has a book on business, strategy, and technology with focus on Africa, I would be happy to buy partial rights to distribute via Tekedia. It would still carry your name of course. We plan to have many great works on our portal.

I am also looking for professors we can pay to create good books (full rights) on Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, Strive Masiyiwa and Innoson Motors Founder (Innocent Chukwuma). I am doing the Dangote myself.


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  1. i am not a professor but would like to write for your blog , i am an MBA student with a background in health . I am very keen especially on witting balanced articles on businesses in Nigeria. i can be reached via the associated email. Regards


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