Anthony Joshua Needs Focus To Defeat Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua Needs Focus To Defeat Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua may lose to Andy Ruiz Jnr again.

I know this is not good news for everyone connected to Africa, especially Nigeria. We always want to see our own people do well in every aspect of life.

Joshua, the former unified heavyweight champion will go against Andy Ruiz Jnr, who defeated him at the Madison Square, in the United States of America, in June. The match was seen as the greatest shock in the history of boxing and sport in general.

The rematch tagged, ”The Clash of the Dunes”, will take place in Saudi Arabia.

However, Anthony Joshua may yet suffer another defeat. A lot of people expect nothing but victory for the Nigerian-born British boxer, but the problem is – ”can Anthony Joshua handle the pressure?”

Andy Ruiz has nothing to lose as he’s seen as an underdog, which makes him more calm to do another damage on Anthony Joshua.

If Joshua doesn’t want to suffer another defeat, he should stay away from the media. Focus is the key and that’s all he needs. He should see the match he had against Ruiz many times, evaluate and learn from it. Then do a lot of work behind the scenes.

Staying on social media won’t help the British boxer. A lot of pressure is being mounted on him. The truth is, nobody is giving Andy Ruiz the credit he deserves. Everyone is seeing it as a fluke and expecting Joshua to reclaim his belts.

I hope Joshua is not going with this belief as well. Ruiz studied Joshua and attacked him at his weakest point. Joshua needs to rate Ruiz higher than any other opponent he’s ever faced because he was the one that handed him his first defeat.

Ruiz will come out stronger and better. If care is not taken, we might see a repeat of the first match. The worse, a draw may likely be the final result. But I do wish Anthony Joshua will win and reclaim his titles, else, it could be the end of his wonderful career.

Good luck to Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on December 7.

Africans will be rooting for you!

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