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Apple is Close to Finalizing A Deal to Integrate ChatGPT Into The iPhone

Apple is Close to Finalizing A Deal to Integrate ChatGPT Into The iPhone

Tech giant company Apple is reportedly on the verge of a deal to incorporate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the iPhone, a push to bring Artificial intelligence features to its devices.

Reports revealed that the two companies have been finalizing terms for a pact to use ChatGPT features in Apple’s iOS 18, the next iPhone soon-to-be launch device, which will be announced at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 10 2024.

With Apple’s push to integrate advanced technology (AI) into its devices, CEO Tim Cook has expressed confidence in the company’s AI prospects despite concerns from investors. He said that Apple has invested hundreds of billions in research and development over the past five years, as part of its plan to unveil new AI features at WWDC next month. Apple is expected to show off its AI features at its annual developers conference next month, as it also plans to release an improved version of Siri to make it more conversational and versatile.

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Cook in the recent earnings call, expressed confidence in AI, noting that Apple has an edge over its competitors.

He said,

“We believe in the transformative power and promise of AI. We believe we have advantages that will differentiate us in this new era, including Apple’s unique combination of seamless hardware, software, and services integration.”

It is worth noting that Apple plans to run some of its upcoming AI features via data centres equipped with its own in-house processors. The project codenamed ACDC, is an extension of Apple’s existing in-house chip efforts for its devices. While specific details about how these features and integrations might work remain unclear, the majority of iOS 18’s AI features are expected to be powered entirely on-device, allowing Apple to tout privacy and speed benefits.

Also, reports reveal that the tech giant intends to install high-performance chips in its cloud-computing servers to handle advanced AI tasks, while simpler functions will be processed on devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This approach aligns with Apple’s generative AI ambitions, an area where it is trailing behind its competitors in the integration of advanced technology.

Apple fears that if it fails to develop its own A.I. system, the iPhone could become a “dumb brick” compared with other technology. Recall that in an effort to gain a competitive edge in the smartphone market, Samsung incorporated artificial intelligence features into its latest flagship Galaxy smartphones.

Unveiling its latest smartphones at the Unpacked conference in San Jose, California, in January this year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra . These smartphones are equipped with advanced AI tools, leveraging Google’s Gemini technology.

While AI functionalities are beginning to take center stage in smartphones, these devices are not just upgrades of their predecessors but harbingers of a new age where AI is seamlessly woven into the fabric of mobile technology. As AI begins to play a pivotal role in enhancing phone functionalities, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift in how we interact with our devices.

Apple is finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to use ChatGPT on the iPhone, Bloomberg reports, citing anonymous sources. OpenAI’s technology would be integrated into iOS 18, Apple’s next operating system for its popular device. The development comes as Apple looks to give Siri, the company’s virtual assistant, a major upgrade, enabling it to chat instead of answering individual questions, The New York Times reports, also citing anonymous sources. This latest version of Siri, which will use generative artificial intelligence, will be released at Apple’s annual developers conference on June 10, according to sources.

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  1. This is an interesting article about Apple integrating ChatGPT into the iPhone. It discusses Apple’s plans to unveil new AI features at WWDC in June 2024. Siri will be improved to be more conversational and versatile.

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