Are You Paying Attention To Observe The Burning Bush In That Company?

Are You Paying Attention To Observe The Burning Bush In That Company?

He was on Horeb, and saw a burning bush: the bush was on fire but it did not burn up. So he thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.”

First, his attention was needed for a very important message. He needed to be consumed by something uncommon. Secondly, his bravery was tested: he went over instead of running away when he saw the burning bush.

Then, his God called him “Moses! Moses!” and revealed a mission.

In companies, only undistracted and attentive people are typically called to execute higher missions. These are people who can unlock new market opportunities and extract values from shifts in customer preferences. Companies typically put the selected ones through tests with uncommon KPIs and targets to see how they respond. 

Some workers give up while others take the challenges. Usually, in the middle of that challenge, glory comes [Moses was chosen to lead his people]. In business, the role could be a CEO, Executive Director, etc!

What is the burning bush before you in that company? Without awareness and observation, you may not even know the company is asking for your attention to be called to LEAD.


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One thought on “Are You Paying Attention To Observe The Burning Bush In That Company?

  1. First is to have an open mind, second is to constantly ask yourself: what is it that I am not seeing?

    Most minds are locked and unresponsive, it’s a waste of time trying to motivate or inspire such minds; that’s why many people are not growing.

    All your problems are within, if you are a champion within, you will steamroll any external distraction; but when you are failure within, nothing meaningful happens externally.

    Open your mind, and you will see the world around you differently.


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