As Osun Expands Infrastructure, Osogbo, Ilesa Have Largest Share of Projects Slated for 3 Years Completion

As Osun Expands Infrastructure, Osogbo, Ilesa Have Largest Share of Projects Slated for 3 Years Completion

As soon as Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola won his electoral victory battle in 2010, he swung into action by implementating his 7 Point Agenda for the people and residents of Osun State. Infrastructure is one of the core components of the Agenda. Some years after the end of his two term administrations, political analysts and social commentators believed that he did well in the area of infrastructure development for the state, especially the state capital.

To others, especially his political opponents, he failed to ensure completion of a number of projects across the state. The state airport project has always been cited in this regard. Nevertheless, ‘common people’ believe that he achieved during his administration and expected the current governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola to continue from where he stopped. This position is not quite different from what prompted our analyst to examine the awarded and proposed infrastructure in the previous analysis.

Examination of the infrastructure classifications and core solutions indicates strong alignment. With this, our analyst notes that it could be concluded that the assessment carried out by the state government reflects in what it has awarded and proposed to do within the period. Out of 162 projects [tangible infrastructure] found by our analyst 104 were road projects. More than 73% of these projects are rehabilitations. Fire and safety projects are 11. All the fire and safety projects are proposed as construction. One security project proposed would be done within rehabilitation solution category.

Exhibit 1: Locations of 162 Proposed and Awarded Infrastructure [Percent]

Source: Osun State Bureau of Public Procurement, 2018-2019; Osun State Infrastructure Development Plan 2019-2021

In the current analysis, our analyst found that Osogbo and Ilesa are the cities that have the largest share of the awarded and proposed projects for completion between 2019 and 2021. Out of 162 projects mined and analysed, 20.4% would be done in Osogbo and 11.25% in Ilesa [see Exhibit 1]. Our analysis further shows that there are projects that lack a clear description of locations [where they would be executed].

Analysis across the category of solutions that would be executed indicates that 7.4% of 84 projects classified as rehabilitation would be executed in Ilesa while 5.6% of the projects would be done in Osogbo. Analysis also reveals that 3.7% of the projects would be carried out in Ede. Over 2% of the projects would be done in Ejigbo, Ido-Osun, Ikirun and unstated locations across the state while 1.9% are expected to be done in Iwo. Over 1% of these projects will be implemented in Gbongan, Ife, Ifon/Ilie, Ijebu-Jesa and Okuku [for each location].

Out of 22 maintenance projects, 4.9% would be implemented in Osogbo and 1.2% each in Iwo, Ilesa, Ikirun, Ife and Ede. For the 28 construction projects, Osogbo also had the largest share. Over 4% of the projects would be executed in Osogbo, 1.9% in Ilesa, 1.2% in Ikirun and 1.2% in unstated locations.

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