Ascension And The Push Against China

Ascension And The Push Against China

A push against China indeed. Where are the muscles? Let me write here: if you look at 2,000 years of economic history, it is going to be a very hard one. In at least 6 centuries where China dominated in the last 10 centuries, what we are experiencing now followed the same trajectory. Joe Biden calls Nigeria, Gabon, Kenya, Argentina, etc and offers a line of credit. China calls and gives CASH, soon e-yuan. Who do you think they will listen to?

As the UK cuts its health aid, hitting nations like Nigeria, Kenya, etc, it will be shocked that its aid would be replaced with loans from China. Then magically, calls from Boris, UK prime minister, to African capitals get muted.

“The United Kingdom is a major provider of foreign aid, and is the world’s second largest bilateral health aid donor after the United States. The UK is also a major donor to the global health multilateral agencies. However, the UK government recently announced it will only supply bilateral aid to 34 countries, thereby eliminating the aid budget for 102 previously supported countries. The consequences of this sudden departure will affect health systems globally. “

A report by Premium Times notes that pregnant women and new babies will be affected in Nigeria. Of course, the government has to look for how to make up the budget. If China helps, that adds up to the affinity.

The National President of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria under the Partnership for Advocacy in child and family health At Scale, Minnie Oseji, has lamented the decision of the United Kingdom to withdraw the annual £3 million into the basket fund for Family Planning (FP) commodities of Nigeria.

Mrs Oseji, in a statement issued to journalists in Abuja, asked the Minister of Finance and Nigeria’s federal government to step in and fill the gap to prevent the negative consequences that poor funding of family planning can cause in an already overpopulated country with dire demographic challenges.

“Between 2012 to 2020, the UK government pledged and paid into the Nigeria FP commodities basket fund a total of 21million pounds for the procurement of FP commodities. UK government support contributed to saving the lives of millions of Nigerian women who would otherwise be unable to delay pregnancies and be at risk of maternal death,” she said

The fact is this: pushing against China from Washington DC, London, Berlin, Brussels, etc without taking into consideration how it is making friends in the growing economies of the future will not amount to much.

This is my summary: the world should learn how to live with China because China stubbornly bulldozed its way to the big club, to the surprise of the gatekeepers, via its own model, and it deserves respect. I call African leaders to learn from China: you need to come up with your own playbooks because the UK, US, Germany, etc playbooks are not the only ways.


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5 thoughts on “Ascension And The Push Against China

  1. Indeed, and that validate the Western Nigeria adage,” ona kan o wo ja”- translated to mean, “There are many route to the market (desired destination)”. Although, I do not over exalt China, but to downplay their potentials is foolishness. When the big guys grow tired of giving, China would gladly see a hole to fix, as they understand that a good way to tap into the juice of globalization I not via trade alone but by stake-holding- which come via debt-trapping nation who lack the wisdom to utilize resource.

    We should become very tired of seeking funds, we have a good percentage of the needed resource (Human, and physical) all that is needed is Management, now on a very large scale.
    That said, on Human resource, this evening I was reading through a lot of your thesis which includes; Power dissipation sources and possible control techniques in ultra-deep submicron CMOS technologies written with Ralph Etienne-Cummings, and Neuromorphs: Replaceable human organs of the future, which was termed IEEE potentials, so, it not scarcity of minds in quote, rather, none listening ears to a large extent.

    There are lesson here; aside from us learning how to exact, and build Geo-political influence, we also have to learn how to rise and stay on top.

    Keeping all this aside, I believe all the practice of the west and east is to our advantage. Simply, by studying them, we know the damage some missteps can cost and cause to you, we also know that business cannot be totally Global- to survive you have to be selectively global, practicing protectionism ( just as they did on Bamboo and the rest), yet not shut off from Global practice, by this I mean- last year we analyzed Alibaba, master card and Visa, and we said Alipay handled transactions in excess of $18 trn, whilst, MasterCard and Visa combined, did at $16 trn, many praised Alibaba, but I wrote, that Alipay could survive because it’s enclosed in region that monopolistic practices is supported by governance.

    However, the moment it steps out of that clime and start battling with the individual policies that arises in every other nation of intent then they would understand why the Prodigal son went back home, “ shey people come dey play since na?” ,or, “shey kekere ni MasterCard ni?”.

    Finally, this is a very interesting time to live in, so as you learn the Mechanics of business, it would be wise of you to as learn, International Relations, and other things that make your firm survive the heat of Politics.

    Good evening.

  2. Don’t mind those guys, as if they were all hypnotised when China was busy cornering everywhere, now they just woke up.

    China has already responded, by reminding them that the era of ‘small group’ deciding what affects the whole world is gone.

    Down here, we are still at the level where a small country like France will be organising ‘African Summit’ in France, and our misfit rulers will all line to attend, while holding out for crumbs and some debt forgiveness.

    The G7 wants to ‘help’ poor countries, because China’s version of help is ‘evil’, while theirs is sent down from heaven.

    And who are these poor countries? Largely Africans. The same continent all of them conspired to desecrate and balkanise, not sure when your killers started becoming your saviour…

    Well, the only true ‘help’ Africa needs is for all of them to steer clear, whether you are China or G7, anything we want to engage in or sell to you, we will tell you the amount and you pay.

    None of these mafias are capable of helping Africa, the mission is always to steal what this beautiful continent offers.

    They don’t care about us.


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