Augusta Ikechukwu Shares How to Start a Business with N10,000 and Make Profits in Short Time

Augusta Ikechukwu Shares How to Start a Business with N10,000 and Make Profits in Short Time

You can start a business for as low as N10,000 naira and make great profits in a short space of time. Ngozi shared the tips to achieve this feat in an interview.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Augusta Ikechukwu, a manager with Oriflame Cosmetics, Sweden.

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It’s good to have you in this segment. You said, “you are a manager with Oriflame Cosmetics, Sweden, can you share more about that?

Yes, I will definitely share enough details about that.

Oriflame is a 50-year-old cosmetics company based in Sweden. Currently, it is existing in 66 countries of the world and it’s a 5-year-old company in Nigeria.

The Basics of the Business is to:

  • Look Good
  • Make Money
  • And have Fun.

We have three kinds of people that do the Oriflame business. If time permits, I’ll briefly discuss the three categories

Please, discuss the three categories.

Oh, thank you!

As earlier said, there are three categories

  • The consumers
  • The salespeople
  • The business people/networkers

I’ll discuss the categories briefly:

Consumers: These people just buy products and use. They are not interested in selling or inviting people to join them.

Benefits of the Consumers are:

  • They enjoy organic products
  • They buy goods at 23%

The Sales People: These people are only interested in buying and selling. They are not interested in bringing people or using the products.

Benefits of Salespeople are:

  • They buy products at 23%
  • They sell to make 30% profits
  • They Earn on their purchase as performance discount because of the volume of goods they buy a month.

The Business People/The Networkers: These people are the ones who do the networking aspect of Oriflame by bringing people to register under them. They are the ones who come and change things in a team. They are the game-changers. They are the ones who work and they are the ones who enjoy the big things.

Benefits of Business people are:

  • They enjoy 23% discount on the purchase
  • Get monthly payment
  • Get cash awards from Director and Up
  • Get recognition for achievement
  • Get car award from the diamond director and up
  • Foreign trips

Which of these categories do you belong to?


Good to hear. Being a networker, how has that helped to transform your business?

Well, being a networker hasn’t only transformed my business, it has made me develop myself, through reading and watching videos on personal development and networking skills

It also helped in expanding my business by building a team of persons duplicating what I do.

It has also increased my social life positively, I build my phonebook regularly, making new friends etc.

Most importantly, it allows me to build my business offline and online, but going digital is real gold.

How did you come about Oriflame?

Oh, I got to know about Oriflame from Facebook through a post by Ukadike Emmanuella, about how to become an independent lady and I was triggered by the caption. That was in the year 2015. I and Ella were just Facebook friends

As at then, was it expensive to start the business?

To partner with Oriflame is quite simple. All you need is just NGN2,990, that’s approximately NGN3000 and your startup CAPITAL 

This initial fee of 3k is called REGISTRATION FEE which allows you access to the platform to start your purchase.

In addition you are given a Starter Pack Kit comprising of:

  • 2 Catalogues
  • 1 Price List
  • Complimentary Gift (sample product) and 

other relevant literature to help you take off your business.

Running a business in Nigeria is quite tough, what will you say about running this business and what advice do you have for a newbie who wants to join?

Yes, it is. The truth is – there’s no business that doesn’t have its own challenges but your ability to overcome is what makes you successful.

For me, it hasn’t been all that rosy, but consistency has kept me and brought me far, at a point I felt like giving up but when I remember my ”WHY”, I rise up and continue.

And also my team has been wonderful. I thank God for my upline, she’s really being a great leader.

We have a group where we hold training on products, sales, and how to handle objections in business.

So my advice to prospect is be determined, be coachable, be success-driven, be positive, and erase the ’I can’t’ mentality, because once you believe you can’t do it, then definitely, you can’t. It’s all about the mindset. 

For prospects that are scared of what to tell people or how to present the opportunity, that’s not a problem because we hold training, especially for newbies.

Being a female entrepreneur, what can you say about it and what change would you love to see about this in the future?

I’ve mentioned some of it earlier, in a few years, I would be able to have changed lots of life and be at the level I’ll love to operate.

Thank you for sharing. How can anyone who wants to join your business contact you?

You’re welcome.

Before I drop that, some people might want to know precisely how much capital they need to start, let me briefly summarize that:

To start the business, you need as low as 10k. 

Starting with 10k, you get to buy few products that you can start with. However, to attain a good start, it is advisable to start with 37k.

How can you be contacted, Ngozi?

Through WhatsApp: 09098376764

Facebook here

Thank you, Chinedu.

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