Beeptool Is Hiring CEO, Managers, Engineers, NYSC in Lekki Lagos

Beeptool Is Hiring CEO, Managers, Engineers, NYSC in Lekki Lagos

Beeptool, a Fasmicro Group portfolio company, is looking to fill many positions in Nigeria. Beeptool is at the forefront of bringing connectivity and digital services to the unconnected and excluded rural community in Africa beginning with Nigeria. 

BeepTool is a disruptive Africa-based satellite & TV White Space-based connectivity as a service and Integrated digital inclusion ecosystem such as Telehealth, Digital Farmers and consumer marketplace, mobile payments, messaging and voice ecosystem apps, providing affordable digital inclusions services to millions of people in remote and rural areas in Africa and beyond. Here are some of the services and solutions.

  • Beeptool: Connectivity solutions like special tablets, TV whitespaces, satellite solutions, etc
  • M-Naira App: A mobile payment app that connects all billing systems to deliver instant payment services to Nigeria from anywhere in the world.
  • Beeptool App: A mobile app allowing you to send and receive messages, calls, photos and videos. We have over a million users since launched.
  • Ogleji: A platform connecting farmers to the market. Delivering fresh produce in a timely manner to any city in Nigeria.
  • Lafiya Telehealth: A TeleHealth system Connecting patients in Rural Nigeria to doctors for remote diagnosis and prescriptions.

For each of the positions below, send your CV to [email protected] 




Key Performance Indicators & Duties

  • Drive overall management of the business.
  • Build a high-performing growth organization, pursuing growth strategies and product features designed for the “Group Effect” that will drive step-change leaps in our growth.
  • Working closely with the executive team, you’ll define stretch goals across acquisition, on-boarding, engagement and retention. You’ll rigorously make decisions based on data and what’s best for our community.
  • You will oversee our efforts in SEO, paid, and non-paid marketing, and ensure the product is set up to most effectively engage and support the users through each channel. This is a tremendous opportunity for an ambitious and creative leader with big ideas, proven expertise, and exceptional management skills to play a definitive role in shaping the future of an innovative tech startup as ours.
  • Grow new user acquisition, activation, and retention in a data-driven, scalable, and efficient manner. Partner with the Creative / Brand Marketing teams to develop and optimize assets to fuel growth marketing initiatives. Partner with Product and Engineering teams to define and implement strategies and initiatives that drive user acquisition, activation, and retention.
  • Synthesize vast amounts of data and report key insights and findings to the executive team and other stakeholders on a recurring basis. Manage and create dashboards to allow real-time access to KPI against goals across the organization and actionable insights, Forecast and budget with accuracy.
  • You’ll think big, take risks and make mistakes, and you’ll roll with the punches at a company that wants to scaling fast.
  • Report directly to the Company Board

Business Development & Sales Manager

This will be occupied by an individual, due to cost effectiveness we will merge both job functions

  • Work to form new client relationships and strengthen existing client relationships to forge new opportunities. Assist in the sales and service processes to ensure client satisfaction to help increase revenue and develop lasting professional relationships that will fuel sales and lead to possible partners with organizations associated with these clients.
  • Build awareness and recognition of products, create promotional and sales materials for clients and the public.
  • Work closely with sales, marketing and advertising departments and managers to form strategies that target specific audiences to grow sales and broaden the market.
  • Conduct market research, analyze the market and create reports that focus on consumer behaviour, sales and the share of their company’s market in relation to their specific products. Generate plans on how to increase market share and develop strategies that will lead to greater revenue.
  • Create marketing and networking events that will lead to client meetings and product promotions.
  • Managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue and expense controls.
  • Setting sales targets and goals for the company and sales team.
  • Tracking sales goals and reporting to operations manager and executive team.
  • Coordinating marketing on lead generation.

Human Resources, Partnership & Operations Manager

  • Human resource planning: knowing the future needs of the organization. What kind of people we need, and how many? Using this knowledge to shape the recruitment, selection, performance management, learning and development, and all other HR functions.
  • Recruitment and Selection: attracting people to work for the organization and selecting the best candidates. Creating a very strong employee brand to attract the best talents.
  • Performance management, ensuring workers stay productive and engaged. Deploying Performance management tools including the (bi)annual performance review, 360-degree feedback tools in which peers, managers, subordinates, and sometimes even customers review the employee’s performance. These kinds of tools can be very helpful in providing feedback.
  • Creating and implementing learning & development strategies for the workforce.
  • Function evaluation of staffs, comparing various functions in terms of qualification, the quality, and availability of workers, job location, working times, the economic situation, job responsibility, and how much value this job adds to the organization. Ensuring similar jobs should be rewarded similarly.
  • Oversee Health, safety and personal wellbeing of staffs.
  • Carry out administrative responsibilities, personnel procedures and Human Resource Information Systems which involve the handling of promotions, relocations, discipline, performance improvement, illness, regulations, cultural and racial diversity, unwanted intimacies, bullying, and so on.
  • Developing policies and procedures, implementing and ensuring compliance.
  • Manage company’s operations: Manage day-to-day activities across various departments, engaging with finance, marketing, product team.
  • Create strategies with executive team and develop policies that correlate with strategies.
  • Implementing effective processes and standards.
  • Manage customers service and ensuring customer retention.
  • Overseeing compliance with regulation.
  • Reporting on operational progress directly to executive team.

Application & Software Engineers

  • Identifying and evaluating technological solutions : Responsible for using technology to improve business performance and strategy. Using one’s complex problem solving skills to brainstorm software solutions, and then work together in a small group to craft a pitch to present the idea to the company’s decision makers.
  • Problem solving and Troubleshooting.
  • Support all internal applications and infrastructure.
  • Identifying potential issues by having foresight to anticipate and address potential issues before they become issues.
  • Work with cross functional teams.
  • Responsible for ensuring new users of company’s applications have a smooth onboarding process. These users could be internal users of the company.
  • IT support for all staffs.
  • Technical support for all application users and customers.
  • Support, optimisation and customisation of our award winning integration and data analysis software using core technologies. Managing cases, requests and enhancements using online tools and processes.
  • Ensuring that client systems are fully operational and any loss of service is restored in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Providing a high level of service to our customers and adhering to our strict SLAs for response and restoration times.
  • Problem determination, workaround resolution, root cause analysis, major incident management.
  • Deployment of service releases, patches, requests and customisations.
  • Create productive relationships with and between key stakeholders. Ensure that solution and application support documentation is maintained to the highest quality and accuracy.
  • Report to Chief Technical officer.

NYSC Corper

We will engage NYSC members to support this experienced role.


Oyi 1 smartphone
Oyi 1 smartphone

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