Before You Make That Website – Guidelines From Our Webmaster

We have received many commendations on the simplicity of our site. We just took away the noise in website design and put only the things we NEED. No fancy, just what is needed. Now, the team that built tekedia has some lessons to pass across. These are some guidelines for making your site.

  • Plan what your contents will be. The nature of the content will affect the design and structure of the site. A business site should be conservative while an entertainment site should be sociable. You must not make a law firm site to look like a college party site. The content defines the strategy
  • Think about the audience. Who will visit the site. If you are an investment bank, it is possible that only the high network with visit. The poor guys are not around. What do you have to do to save these guys time? You make things very simple and direct.
  • Simplify any design phase. Your menus and categories must be needed and cannot be done in a hurry.
  • Logos matter, don’t cheap out. You don’t have to spend 1000s on a clever logo, but it should be clean, simple and memorable. A Perth logos company friend showed me a few dozen logos and I instantly recognized the popular ones, at which point he showed me they all have the same clean/simple designs.
  • If a blog, plan your content and if you cannot get content, ask yourself if it is worths the time and investment to make a site. You need consistent sources of content.
  • If your site is heavy in traffic , you may need a webmaster. That can be outsourced to an external company to do for you, though.
  • Think through your search engine optimization (SEO). Is your site SOE search engine friendly?
  • Do not forget the contacts and visitor forms. For most customers having that form makes things very easy and fast to communicate.
  • Get Facebook and Twitter, at least, integrations to your site. Where appropriate, include YouTube
  • You may need to have any analytics on your site to track traffic. This could be from Google or Bing,

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