Best Way to Overcome Failures

Best Way to Overcome Failures

I get this question all the time – “How can I overcome Failures?” Typically, I always respond that Failure itself is an outcome. It is an expired event with future implications. Because Failure is a completed event, the only available option is understanding the process that resulted to that Failure.

If you focus on fixing things that resulted to the Failure, you would be fine. But if you indulge on the Failure without fixing the enablers, nothing would change.

He graduated with a 3rd class degree because he went from party halls to exams halls while in school. Today, he is still regretting that nothing is working even though he has improved himself in any other way than parting and drinking all nights. His problem is not 3rd class degree but lack of awareness that he has no winning process in life.

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But she finished with a 3rd class degree because she worked to pay her tuition, hardly having enough time to prepare well for exams. Her grade was not good but her process was a winning one. Her world would see into it, and that resilience will take her to the mountaintop. That winning spirit will unlock (alternative) doors provided she continues with it. Yes, some jobs may weed her out because of the grade but most other opportunities will welcome her because she has a great process.

The biggest challenge in life is NOT failures themselves but not fixing processes that lead to failures.

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Until we swap result-oriented mentality with that of process-oriented, nothing much is going to change. Many people continue to view success and failure like throwing dart, a hit and miss thing. So even when one becomes successful, without knowing HOW, it becomes very difficult to replicate such, let alone transfer knowledge.

What we see most times down here appears to be more or less like a midfielder shooting a ball goal-ward, with no clear intention to score, and then the goalkeeper fumbles, and it becomes a goal. It’s part of what we see in many businesses and careers, and when you set out to study what they did or did not do, you discover that no one is even sure of what happened, and how it happened.

It is the same reason why when we send some fellas who have supposedly done well in the private sector, to serve in public sector, and then the cracks begin to emerge, most of them suddenly become clueless and incompetent; and we end up having uncertainties and indecision all over the place.

Pay attention to processes, the result can be success or failure, but when hit with the latter, you now know where to work on. The hit and miss thing can never be sustainable, no wonder our struggles are legendary.


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