Big Eyes Coin Community Pump Meme Token, Aim To Push Coin Above LEO Token and VeChain

Big Eyes Coin Community Pump Meme Token, Aim To Push Coin Above LEO Token and VeChain

What is a DeFi ecosystem without a strong community? Recently, community-building has become an essential part of DeFi development. Many blockchain networks have upgraded to being powered by decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) — a community-building protocol which relegates power and decision-making to a few holders of the utility token of such a network.

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme cryptocurrency whose community has been invaluable in making its presale a big-time success. Many upcoming meme tokens may be jealous of this feat, and so, could be fully committed to building communities like the Big Eyes ecosystem.

Following a successful presale, the Big Eyes Coin community is now bent on pumping its utility meme token above LEO Token (UNUS SED LEO) and VeChain. Find out why in this article.

Why Push $BIG Above LEO Token and VeChain (VET)

Realistically, as an emerging meme token, Big Eyes Coin is predicted to start at a lower price and then scale above many high-value cryptocurrencies. Meme tokens generally do not easily make it above $5. The crypto winter may not be ending any time soon and this could determine how far the BIG Token may go in the market.

However, with the community committed to pumping the token by holding more of Big Eyes Coin circulating supply, the token could move past realistically priced cryptocurrencies like LEO Token and VeChain.

LEO Token is the token of the iFinex ecosystem—the company managing the BitFinex exchange. LEO Token (UNUS SED LEO) was created to tackle the liquidity crunch experienced on BitFinex after it was hacked in August 2016.

VeChain Token (VET) is the utility token of the VeChain blockchain built for institutional adoption. VeChain has been a good store of value for many institutional crypto enthusiasts of believers, however, the crypto winter has had a toll on the cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, LEO Token and VeChain Token (VET) were trading above $3 and $0.01 respectively. Big Eyes Coin could easily beat these prices as its community remains hyped for making it happen.

Big Eyes Coin’s Future is Predicted Already

Big Eyes Coin is fully driven by its community. Its future becomes clearer as its full launch draws near. The resources it needs to fire up its utility meme token’s value have been created by its community. The presale success created a landmark for what is yet to come from the Big Eyes ecosystem.

The future of Big Eyes Coin depends on the community’s commitment—and the community has made it a priority to create value in the Big Eyes ecosystem while holding more BIG tokens to create scarcity and high demand; this will make the token’s price to soar in the market and attract more whales and institutional adoption of the cat-themed meme token.

You can become part of this community by buying and holding the Big Eyes Coin. Visit Big Eyes’ website to get started.

Big Eyes Coin are giving users an additional 5% worth of tokens with the code: BCUTE252


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