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Big Eyes, SolarCoin, and C+ Charge Underline Crypto’s Commitment To Change

Big Eyes, SolarCoin, and C+ Charge Underline Crypto’s Commitment To Change

Cryptocurrency has come under fire in the past few years, mainly for the amount of electricity it takes to mine coins. Mining Bitcoin (BTC), according to some, has a more detrimental impact on the environment than mining for gold.

The three coins make a positive impact on the environment in very different ways

Consequently, the crypto industry has developed cleaner ways to mine the tokens and developed new technologies to keep reducing the environmental impact of the coin and system. Ethereum (ETH) has been a pioneer in this field, but others such as Big Eyes Coin (BIG), SolarCoin (SLR), and C+ Charge (CCHG) have pioneered entirely new ways of both reducing environmental impact, and actively contributing to cleaning up and mitigation.

While all three demonstrate real care about the natural world and a clear commercial benefit for users, Big Eyes has the potential for the biggest return as it’s currently in its presale phase and has already generated $17.5m. The interest in Big Eyes is only growing with time.

How do cryptocurrencies contribute to climate clean-up and awareness?

The fun and exciting Big Eyes Coin does things its own way, from the zany, anime, cat aesthetic to devoting 5% of all tokens at release to a charity fund. Making full use of its image, Big Eyes leans on the cat imagery to safeguard its most treasured food: fish. And where do fish live? In the ocean, of course! In fact, Big Eyes has already contributed to Sea Shepherd, an international ocean-based charity that seeks to directly confront and expose illegal fishing. Sea Shepherd does not own corporate offices or run extensive fundraising activities, it relies on the goodwill of individuals. There is no doubt that more charities and organizations will stand to benefit when the token is released.

SolarCoin demonstrates a complete commitment to environmental protection. SolarCoins can only be mined through solar power, making it one of the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies in existence as it ends up releasing little to no greenhouse gases. Therefore, owners of solar panels stand to gain as they can continue minting tokens and growing the profile of a genuinely environmentally friendly token.

C+ Charge is one of the few cryptocurrencies tapping into the lucrative carbon credit market. The token is used to charge electric vehicles (EV’s) with the C+ Charge token, affording the user carbon credits that can be openly traded on the market. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, Tesla generated $679m in revenue, showing just how lucrative carbon credits can be. Token holders will earn carbon credits simply for holding tokens, and EV owners can earn carbon credits by paying for their charge with C+ Charge tokens. Carbon credits have been the preserve of the biggest corporate polluters, but C+ Charge is trying to democratize access to carbon credits and the seller’s market with its token.

Big Eyes Coin wins the case for investment

While all three tokens help the environment and climate in their own way, they aren’t equals when it comes to generating returns. Since SolarCoin relies on solar power to mint a token, it’s often a slow process and doesn’t result in a great yield.

C+ Charge provides some more financial impetus, and holders of the token can earn carbon credits simply for holding them. However, to make full use of the token and maximize carbon credit earnings, charging an EV car at C+ Charge affiliate locations is key to making full use of the token.

BigEyes is in its presale phase and has already generated $17.5m, with that number growing on a weekly basis. When the token’s successful presale phase is coupled with its growing audience on social media, it’s the perfect recipe for growth. The presale is the best time to invest in crypto tokens, as the demand tends to go up at the release.

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