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BitFlex Launches Beta Testing, To Begin Operations in 2023

BitFlex Launches Beta Testing, To Begin Operations in 2023

Recently, Bitflex Ltd. (“Bitflex,” “we” or “our”), a blockchain technology company announced its official launch into the global Crypto Market as a next-generation Crypto Exchange seeking to thrill the global market.

What The BitFlex Platform Offers

How about an aesthetically pleasing interface built-in with news, notifications, and charting tools to create a superior environment for users to make the most educated trades? That is what BitFlex offers. Ee Wui Yang, CEO of Bitflex, calls it an exciting time for the crypto community as the platform is set to be rolled out to a wider audience.

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Ee Yui Yang, Bitflex CEO Said;

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform has gone through multiple rounds of rigorous testing and we’re confident that it is ready to be used by a wider audience.

The launch follows a highly successful beta period, which grew its user base by over 1,000%. Bitflex meets the need for a user-friendly and accessible crypto derivatives trading platform. The Bitflex platform features new branding and an improved user interface on the platform in addition to improved liquidity, rigorous security, and 18 of the most popular linear perpetual swap trading pairs.

Leveraging an intimate familiarity with Crypto users’ pain points, Bitflex makes buying and selling crypto derivatives simple and enjoyable for both amateur and experienced crypto users who find traditional crypto trading platforms intimidating.

Bitflex, intends to use the exchange to empower every type of crypto user, regardless their experience in the crypto space. It is expected that new and old users should find the experience seamless, empowering the company’s vision that crypto is for everyone.

Built for Traders and Different from FTX

Wui Yang noted that as cryptocurrency traders the team at Bitflex has it in mind to create a platform designed specifically for crypto traders. He captures it well in the following words:

Due to the recent collapse of the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, crypto worldwide has taken a huge reputational hit. We acknowledge the challenges that our industry will face in the next few years in combating scams and fraudulent behaviors and that is why we are going back to the basics by incorporating DeFi functionalities into our platform such as our upcoming HEX feature that combines the benefits of both centralized and decentralized offerings and on-chain data analysis to assist traders to make better decisions in their positions.

“We will be launching this feature on our platform in early 2023 and we believe it will be a game-changer in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. We want to be a pioneer of the HEX exchange to help the crypto industry regain its allure in the investment world.

For its launch, the Bitflex brand adopted the slogan “Leveraging your future” to speak directly to users. The platform’s growth strategy moving forward is to motivate and assist users on their platform to build a promising future and make their dreams come true.

Ironically how much money companies like Genesis, Celsius, FTX, Alameda, etc could have made long term if they just did their job correctly at the most basic function. You can use leverage (ILO’s) to launch projects on Xchange but it’s not the same as leveraged trading. It actually solves a major problem in the crypto space right now and will bring more legitimacy and innovation in newly launched projects.

The problem is not retail trading with leverage. Its projects that use client money to trade with leverage. I wonder what’s the end goal for those projects. You built FTX, presumably 30% of Crypto traders come to your website to lose money and literally pay fees running in billions of dollars, You could just keep the website running, collect these fees and be happy for ever.

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