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BlockDAG’s Keynote Captivates Investors, Boosting Presale to Over $41.6M & Prompting Investors to Rethink Dogeverse Listing

BlockDAG’s Keynote Captivates Investors, Boosting Presale to Over $41.6M & Prompting Investors to Rethink Dogeverse Listing

After much anticipation, BlockDAG has unveiled its second keynote from the moon, showcasing a series of significant updates. These include the beta X1 mining app launch, recent advancements in blockchain, and its roadmap as it approaches the mainnet launch.

Amidst these developments, the crypto community keenly observes the upcoming Dogeverse listing, which is marked by uncertainty. With over $41.6 million raised from presale and over 7,100 mining rigs already sold, BlockDAG’s recent activities are crucial to significantly transforming blockchain technology and digital asset exchanges.

BlockDAG’s Roadmap to Mainnet Launch & Beyond

BlockDAG’s second keynote elaborated on launching its mainnet, signalling a transformative shift. As it advances through our Devnet phase, it has successfully developed a cutting-edge peer-to-peer engine and a Block & DAG Algorithm, both boasting EVM compatibility. Metamask integration will soon follow.

A testnet is slated for mid-August, and the mainnet is expected to go live in four months. This marks the culmination of rigorous planning and a commitment to excellence.

The presale generates $500k daily, with projections set to escalate to $5m daily as it approaches the mainnet launch, harvesting $41.6 million from over 10.7 billion coins flooding the market. This growth is a testament to the growing trust in BlockDAG’s vision to reshape blockchain technology. Plus, Wallet will be the exclusive partner at launch in a strategic partnership.

BlockDAG has expanded its payment methods to broaden participation and include over ten options, such as USDT, Ethereum, and BNB. In the coming three months, BlockDAG will further connect with its community by revealing its team through a DOXing video and a documentary that explores the development of BlockDAG, underscoring our dedication to transparency and innovation.

Dogeverse Gets Ready To Launch & Upcoming Listing

Dogeverse concluded the presale on June 3rd, collecting $15 million. The token launching price is $0.00031, which is considered a low price compared to the hype surrounding it.

Many investors don’t hold high hopes for the Dogeverse upcoming listing, which is set to be done on June 10th on many decentralized exchanges, such as Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Base.

Dogeverse upcoming listing will expose this token’s elasticity and ability to generate profit for investors. This has allowed it to capitalize on the rapidly expanding meme coin communities on Solana and Base.

As Dogeverse prepares for its exchange listings, the excitement is skeptical. The project’s innovative multi-chain approach and presale performance puts it in a critical situation awaiting to unfold.

BlockDAG Excles in Miners Sales Gathering $3.1M

BlockDAG continues to shape the future with innovative strides and robust advancements—the successful sale of over 7,100 mining rigs, generating over $3.1 million. The x10 mining rig, known for its compact design and high efficiency, exemplifies BlockDAG’s commitment to catering to novice and experienced miners.

Amid these achievements, the X1 Miner app has reached a significant milestone with the completion of Phase 1 development, which included wireframe and UI designing, user onboarding, and presale functionality.

This achievement has culminated in the launch of the app on both Android and Apple platforms. Although in beta, the X1 Miner app offers a glimpse into future functionalities such as Wallet, Send/Receive modules, and a Community Section, all set to enhance user engagement before the anticipated mainnet launch.

Furthermore, BlockDAG is leveraging influential voices in the crypto community by distributing x10 miners for market testing. Reviews and unboxing videos will appear online soon. The team is diligently refining the Blockchain Explorer component alongside these marketing efforts.

These developments underline BlockDAG’s technical prowess and reinforce its position as a dynamic player in the cryptocurrency revolution. BlockDAG forecasts a coin value of $20 by 2027.

BlockDAG Mainnet Launch Leads To $20 By 2027

The roadmap ahead for BlockDAG and the significant interest in the Dogeverse listing highlight a critical period of growth and opportunity. While Dogeverse garners attention, BlockDAG stands out as the more robust option, having already demonstrated substantial market trust and technological prowess. With a $20 per coin projection by 2027, BlockDAG offers innovative solutions and presents a compelling investment opportunity poised to lead the way in the evolving crypto space.


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