[Breaking News] The Federal Government of Nigeria Retains Fasmicro for Microelectronics Consultancy

We report that the Nigerian government has hired us to help develop a Microelectronics blueprint for the nation.


In a letter communicating this paid consultancy, dated May 24 2011, the government acknowledged our world class proposal and stated in part:


“as a recognized expert in the art of microelectronics and embedded systems, the government is hereby engaging you …to help to develop a blueprint for the establishment of microelectronics laboratory in Nigeria. …Your remuneration will be …. “.


We will submit this blueprint within 4 weeks. We want to promise to all Nigerians that we will do the best possible. We are honored that the FGN chose a local company that understands what the nation needs over a foreign one that has no clue on the specific nature of the nation.


We will remain humble for this honor and continue to push the limits of technology. We gave Africa its first Android apps store and we are coming with a breakthrough technology this summer. Right in Owerri, we are creating technologies.


Today, we received a London based apps maker applying to host apps in our store. And we welcomed a visitor from US to our Owerri design center ( the man  operates apps business in US). The truth is, we are real. Come over to Owerri and experience engineering. We are #1. If you challenge it, show us what you have done!


Fasmicro Management

Lagos & Owerri, Nigeria

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