Build A Team Of Authentic People

Build A Team Of Authentic People

I walked into an executive suite of a company. Three male executives with a lady were discussing around a table. As soon as I arrived, the men stood up and extended their hands. We shook hands and greeted. The lady looked up and did nothing. Without knowing her reason, I extended my hand, but she withdrew. Then, one of the men said “Meet our Chairman and our major shareholder”.

Quickly, the lady stood up and then extended her hand to me: I ignored her. I excused the three leaders as I needed to pass an important insight in person to them, while in town. The lady was a contractor to the firm. As I spoke with our team, I watched her looking at her palm – perhaps it has caused her problem.

To cut the story short: the lady no matter her capabilities failed a simple test – authenticity. I said no word but was surprised that she sent an apology via our team. In my response, I wrote:

“Team, she did nothing to me. But consider if that attitude was extended to our junior colleagues especially in your absence. She may show respect to three of you because you pay her bills, but I am nearly sure she does not really have any interest in this business except the bank alerts. Her issue was NOT not greeting me – her major challenge was deciding to act after she discovered who I was. That spirit kills vision as she could denigrate our junior colleagues because she knows better. There is a better person; discover him or her”.

You need authentic people to execute Missions – make sure you have them.

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Whether you call it eye, lip, leg or hand service, it’s a virus that has infested large swathes of mankind, originality and authenticity is obviously a premium.

There is a big difference between compliance and commitment, many people you see around are forced to do the former, while you are watching, but the real deal is the latter; that’s how you separate fake people from the original ones.

We fake love, friendship, empathy, professionalism; in fact, authentic humans are rare breeds, if you have ever met a handful of them, congratulations, you are one of the luckiest people on earth.


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8 thoughts on “Build A Team Of Authentic People

  1. Thanks for this Prof!
    Perhaps that is she has managed to get to the top. Dealing with whom she thinks can best serve her interest.
    Conversely, and as expected, you acted and responded with a lot of wisdom.
    Whom was she expecting? Zuckerberg?
    Interesting person she is…

  2. Most people are fakers!
    – Faked superb upward communication.
    – Faked horizontal communication
    – Almost real downward communication.
    People must learn to act responsibly at all times & not just act only when it is friends with benefit.


    Prof this is great write up. This is my first time of reading your article.
    This is a great lesson for us, we must be original and tell the world our real beings.


  4. Very funny human being she is…assuming the guys did not introduce you as the chairman and major shareholder, she wouldn’t have stood up to great. What a pity???

    That’s why a support the recruitment process that placed Attitude/character before your qualification.

    Nice piece here Prof.


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