Business Idea #4 – Transforming Aba to Sell Fashion, Not Clothes and Shoes

Business Idea #4 – Transforming Aba to Sell Fashion, Not Clothes and Shoes

This daily series focuses on business ideas for those looking to launch new ventures in Nigeria (and Africa in general). The short ideas are archived here.

The Problem

Aba (Nigeria) is a makers’ ecosystem with extremely talented people in the broad fashion business. They design and make shoes, clothes, etc. These designers sell these items across Nigeria and increasingly beyond. However, they have no identity and that remains the weakest link.

The Opportunity

Aba designers can transition from small business owners into entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have the scaling capabilities and their ventures grow. For that to happen, Aba needs identities which mean Aba needs brands. Only brands sell fashion. Others sell clothes and shoes which are easily forgotten. Aba must create fashions, not items because it is evident that it needs the brands to even improve volume.

Action Roadmap

Establish a vehicle that will galvanize the different shoe, clothe, etc making entities into brands. Each brand will push for higher quality through better tools and training. Through strategic advertising and marketing, Aba will reach its promise. Read more here for some insights as you craft your roadmap.


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