Career Building Experience Made Easy – The Innovation from Nigerian Startup Identified

The website is very scanty but it communicates in few words all it needed to do. Identified (good name guys) is a social media career building and development tool that harvests professional data across all the social ecosystem and then presents all the data in a cool nice way. Using the data, one can form a professional opinion about the subject. In their website, they used the Facebook analogy:


Your Facebook network is full of professional connections, but no way to seek out the ones who are relevant to your career. Identified shows you those connections who can help you get the job you want, and connects you with companies that are searching for you!


We think this a great tool to building professional relationship. Nevertheless, it will require some level of marketing and promotion to get the buzz out. Until people begin to see value from the tool, it may not catch that fire. Promotion is urgently needed.

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