CiscoAfrica Doing A Great Job – GTAP Program In South Africa Grows 10-fold In Three Years

The global giant continues its efforts to connect Africa by developing its talents. Cisco reports in its blog that its Global Talent Acceleration Program  has grown from strength to strength as it marks its 3rd anniversary in South Africa. This is working to develop homegrown talents and technical skills. Within three years, the program has grown 10-fold.


.. [T] he number of graduates coming out of its Global Talent Acceleration Program (GTAP) in South Africa has increased 10-fold since the program started in March 2008. From just 14 graduates in 2008 and 80 graduates in 2010, 140 students are projected to  graduate in 2011.


Now entering its third year in South Africa and growing from strength to strength, the Cisco® program is part of a long-term Cisco initiative aimed at developing home-grown information technology and communications skills to contribute to South Africa’s economy, GDP growth and employment. GTAP students, referred to as delegates, are recruited from all walks of life. Some are professionals with three to five years’ work experience; some are employed by Cisco partners and customers; and some are recruited from underprivileged communities throughout South Africa. All graduates are guaranteed jobs with Cisco partners or customers.


Cisco remains a force in connecting the world and we are very confident that with the success they have seen in South Africa, they can open more places across the  continent.


In Owerri, Nigeria, for example, there are about four tertiary institutions forming a tight educational belt – Poly Nekede, FUTO, IMSU and Alvan. Yet, Owerri is yet to get a Cisco academy. Increasingly, students are looking at how to combine their education with certifications that reward and that may be the reason why Cisco has to push harder and move into more African cities.


The next wave of innovation will continue to be driven by web and connectivity will remain a central aspect of it. Cisco has a big role in this regard because no one knows this better than they do. That means they have to setup more centers or enable more partners to come on board.


For the job in South Africa, great job Cisco Africa, another great team like Google Africa.

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