Cloudera – Building Operating System That Breaks and Makes Sense of Data

We think you may like to know about this company. It powers most of the data analytics that take place in the social media world.

Cloudera Inc. is a Palo Alto-based enterprise software company which provides Apache Hadoop-based software and services. It contributes to Hadoop and related Apache projects and provides a distribution for Hadoop for the enterprise.

This is better from Businessweek

Cloudera is essentially trying to build a type of operating system, à la Windows, for examining huge stockpiles of information. Where Windows manages the basic functions of a PC and its software, Cloudera’s technology helps companies break data into digestible chunks that can be spread across relatively cheap computers. Customers can then pose rapid-fire questions and receive answers. But instead of asking what a group of friends “like” the most on Facebook, the customers ask questions such as, “What gene do all these cancer patients share?”

So, if you have massive data from your bank, hospital, farm, etc and want to make sense of them – this  firm can help you. The data must be very huge to justify your investment. Groupon is one of their customers!

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