Co-invest through Tekedia Capital Syndicate in Africa’s Startups of the Future

Co-invest through Tekedia Capital Syndicate in Africa’s Startups of the Future

The next Tekedia Capital investment cycle kickstarts in September 2022; join the syndicate today and co-invest with us.

Tekedia Capital invests in technology-anchored early stage startups and companies. Our opportunity antenna and grassroot connections with innovators enable us to see patterns as they develop. We invite you to partner with us as we nurture and build category-king companies in Africa and beyond, and in the process advance citizens, communities and nations. At Tekedia Capital, we fund the foundations of the NEXT African economy.

Go here and learn why  more professionals, citizens, companies, investment clubs, etc are co-investing with Tekedia Capital in Africa’s empires of the future. The next investment cycle begins very soon; learn more here.

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 11 – Dec 2, 2023) has started; registration continues here

Tekedia AI in Business Masterclass opens registrations here.

Join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and co-invest in Africa’s finest startups here. Next cycle begins Oct 2, 2023.

Tekedia Capital charges $1,000 annual fee to include an investor in Tekedia Capital deal flows for 12 months or 4 investment cycles. This fee is used to run administrative activities, research & development, due diligence on startups, and perform routine paperworks in the business.

If after a year, the investor could decide not to renew the annual fee. This could be because the investor has invested in enough startups or for any other reason. Largely, if the investor does not renew, Tekedia Capital will stop sharing deal flows with that investor. Even with that, the investor will remain connected with Tekedia Capital for any previous investment made. You can go here and pay ($1,000 or N550,000 naira ) via many options provided.

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