Home Tech Co-Creation Hub Nigeria Partners With World Bank And NASA For Waterhackathon

Co-Creation Hub Nigeria Partners With World Bank And NASA For Waterhackathon

Co-Creation Hub Nigeria Partners With World Bank And NASA For Waterhackathon

October 21st to 23rd, 2011 is the period for the global WaterHackathon, an event designed with a simple mission: solve global water problems. Co-Creation Hub Nigeria will be hosting the event in Nigeria through a partnership with NASA, World Bank, among others. Simply, they want to bring software experts to hack water problems out and come up with solutions.

The WaterHackathon is a two-day marathon hacking event with multiple global locations bringing together software developers from all over to hack on real-world water problems.  The WaterHackathon event is planned for Fall 2011.

Do not think far, there is software in water purification and quality. It is just that it may not be that simple as per Nigeria’s problems because the people that need water do not live in Lagos. Some are not even counted in Nigeria’s census because they are cut-off from life. Read more and get the solutions right away if you have a lot of code armor; it is software for water; yes, software!

Water is essential to sustain life and economic development. Yet the number of people without access remains daunting: 2.5 billion with no sanitation and 887 million without access to safe water. The sustainable management of water resources has acquired a new urgency in the face a global population expected to reach nine billion by 2050, economic development spurring demand for more and better food, and increased hydrological variability caused by climate change.

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New ideas, better data and innovative instruments are needed to respond to this global water crisis. In search of just that, The World Bank and its partners aims to seed a new community that brings together software engineers and water experts to (1) identify critical global challenges and project specific problems in order to (2) develop software to respond to them.  Towards this, end the WaterHackathon was conceived as venue for co-creation.

Until then, we invite you to get involved.  We need water experts from around the world to define, refine and submit problem definitions on the wide-range of water issues facing developing countries today, including access to clean water and sanitation, flood management and agricultural water management and environmental pollution.

Check out the problem definition ideas and learn how to submit a water problem.

October 21st to 23rd, 2011

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