Computer Coding Locations for Children in Nigeria

Computer Coding Locations for Children in Nigeria

I wrote a piece where I argued that Nigeria should prioritize the “language” of Coding over another foreign language in our schools. Scanning through comments and InMails, many want to know where their kids, students, etc can learn this “language”. My understanding is that CCHub offers something in that space, but that is Lagos.

Sure – there are many elements besides speaking that come in learning new languages. Nonetheless, I will suggest for Nigeria to prioritize coding to Nigerian kids over new foreign language as Coding in the 21st Century Global Language.

Please if you know locations where decent coding training is done across Nigeria, share below. We are not talking of Oracle (who wants to understand oracle in his life? Haha) or Python (who wants to learn snake movements? Lol); simply, we want the basics for school kids.

I know there are places banks, etc send their staff; those are not the focus. Here, I think guardians and parents are looking for kids-focused coding organizations.

If you know, share below. You could connect a kid to a greater tomorrow.

{I will be updating  this piece as I get updates from Linkedin)

LinkedIn users have crowd-suggested many schools; click here to read them on my LinkedIn feed.


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