Congratulations Eonsfleet Prosolutions

Congratulations Eonsfleet Prosolutions

No company does it better. Join me to congratulate portfolio Eonsfleet Prosolutions Limited for finalizing its next generation technology to digitise and optimise the logistics value chain across Africa and provide support to growing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Today, our solution, Eonsfleet Logistics Control Tower Solution, delivers seamless, end-to-end integration and visibility of all resources and assets across a company’s distribution network, and beyond. With the tower, your assets are visible, anywhere you have them located!

Congratulations to our CEO Tokunbo Olaitan Arannilewa who continues to lead this company from one phase to another. And to our team, gboza.

Unless you can measure it, you cannot improve it. Talk to Tokunbo for a roadmap.



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