Crypto News Today: Here’s Why You Watch Out For Solana, Elrond, and Moshnake Before The End of 2022

Crypto News Today: Here’s Why You Watch Out For Solana, Elrond, and Moshnake Before The End of 2022

Unexpected price moves characterize the cryptocurrency market. You see, a cryptocurrency could move from a value of $10 – $50 in a matter of hours or days. These price explosions are often present in cryptocurrencies with high growth potential.

Solana, Elrond, and Moshnake are popular crypto coins with one thing in common – high growth potential. Therefore, it’d make sense for any crypto trader to keep a close eye on these coins before the end of the year. This piece will reveal why you should watch out for Solana, Elrond, and Moshnake before the end of 2022.

Solana (SOL)

Before the 2022 crypto crash, Solana was well on its way to catching up to some of Ethereum’s landmarks. While it has lost steam due to the massive price dips in the crypto space, there’s still plenty of hype around Solana. It’s considered to be an alternative to Ethereum. Recently, Ethereum upgraded its network with ‘The Merge.’ But Solana’s ability to process 65,000 transactions per second is more impressive than anything you’ll ever find out there.

Solana is hosted on a proof-of-stake mechanism, and a liquidity pool protects all its transactions. Users are responsible for contributing their assets to this liquidity pool. Anyone who stakes on the Solana blockchain will earn SOL as a reward. SOL also serves as the transaction fee on this platform. Many crypto analysts have touted Solana as the next big altcoin to break the status quo in the coin market. While there’s still a long way to go, Solana is set to pick up steam before the end of 2022.

Elrond (EGLD)

Simply put, Elrond is an internet-scale blockchain. Elrond was launched in 2022, and its main focus has been to provide unmatched scalability across the coin market. Elrond can support distributed apps and enterprises. It also offers developer support and optimal operational efficiency. Due to its impressive architecture, Elrond can process up to 15,000 transactions per second.

Elrond can achieve its efficiency by operating on a proof-of-stake blockchain. It also adopts sharding technology to process transactions faster. With sharding tech, it will be difficult for the network to become congested. This project also runs on Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS) multi-signature technology. The development team of this token has left no stone unturned in creating a special token. Elrond can be traded as EGLD on numerous crypto exchanges. There will be a total supply of 31.4 million EGLD tokens.

Moshnake (MSH)

Many experts consider Moshnake as a coin with plenty of potential due to the level of impact it’s set to take on the crypto space. This play-2-earn NFT game would introduce several unique elements that have never been seen in the crypto space. Yes, there have been play-2-earn blockchain games before now. However, Moshnake is interested in raising the bar. So, what’s exactly special about Moshnake?

To start with, Moshnake will help you own an NFT. Unlike other blockchain-based games that only allow you to purchase in-game items, Moshnake will let you buy an NFT (in the form of a virtual snake) and improve it.  Next, you’ll earn from all your activities on Moshnake. Whether feeding your virtual pet or competing in a battle royale, you’ll make money for participating. You’d also be interested to know that there are a limited number of snakes up for sale on Moshnake. After this, users will be responsible for hatching eggs and creating more snakes. This ecosystem is impressive because it’s a system that always gives. If you wish to jump on the Moshnake bandwagon, you can sign up for the presale.


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