Cynamix Is A New Nigerian Online Social Community

Nigeria has a new social media website to spend time, meet people and socialize. Facebook, take note. This one seems to look clean and neat. It was built on Joomla and we hope it  stays stable when it begins to get popular. Cynamix is the new deal in town. We got to know about it via a Facebook invitation  to Tekedia that read in part as:


I’d like 2 invite u 2 Join a Nigerian social community where you can meet guys and babes also looking to meet people. Share photos and videos, music, games, application, downloads, free browsing tweaks and forum discussions and many more. It’s really great. Join 2day @ Regards


The good part of this website is the formation of groups feature. It has four main product offerings to people that join and they are:


  • Connect and expand your network
  • View profiles and add new friends
  • Share your photos and videos
  • Create your own group or join others


Increasingly people are noticing that if any entrepreneur can build something local and differentiated from Facebook, there is still an opportunity in social media networks. Despite the arrival of Google+ with already huge juggernaut of Facebook, a highly differentiated website can still succeed. It must offer not just social interaction but possibly something like local social commerce all integrated. It  will have a news interface that constantly provides local contents. Anyone that does that at the local level, according to experts, has a chance. We hope Cynamix will do just that.

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