Tekedia Contributors, Thousands Are Reading You. Send Your Articles.

Tekedia Contributors, Thousands Are Reading You. Send Your Articles.

Dear Tekedia Contributors,

I want to thank all our contributors. My team had noted that some have asked how their articles are doing (i.e. traffic) on Tekedia. Unfortunately, we do not have traffic trackers on articles. I made that decision to avoid pursuing click-baits of things people click only to regret. So, no one knows how your posts are doing.

Nonetheless, they have been sending Alexa ranking which shows that Tekedia is around 93,000 in global ranking. Typically, for that to happen, it means a site receives thousands of visitors daily.

Source: Alexa.com ranking for Tekedia.com

Yet, I am confident you will understand. Our focus is professionals and nothing but professionals. We have no Facebook and Twitter strategy, and I do encourage my team not to bother sharing in those places. Ten professionals reading are better than 100 passersby. Amazon AWS through a $20,000 credit support means we do not need even intrusive terrible adverts.

We are building a mini-MBA in our ecosystem. Many have read articles therein and went to interviews and got offers. Many have used the works for academic seminars, and parliament has referenced it in Bills. And the blog is now evidently popular, according to Alexa.

Always remember: “Your most useful talent is the one people know you have”. Publish on Tekedia (send articles). From board positions to jobs, many have been rewarded for writing here.


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  1. You can change the world, reconstruct mindsets and upend toxic ideologies via thought leadership and conversations; no technology can match that level of excellence.

    Let the conversations continue…


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