Debating MultiChoice (DStv. GOtv) Pricing in Nigeria with Civility

Debating MultiChoice (DStv. GOtv) Pricing in Nigeria with Civility

Good People, let us debate ideas with civility and stop the personal attacks in our community. The piece on DStv has generated many unproductive comments, and we need to make our points without insulting people. Reading the comments on our website and LinkedIn, my conclusion is that we are not advancing the debate on DStv, GOtv and the broad PayTv in Nigeria. That someone has a different opinion from yours should not result in any insult. Let us focus on the points and leave the ad hominem out. Thanks.

In Nigeria, we need to build transnational companies with capacities to advance the wellbeing of Nigerian citizens. South Africa has done well despite how we feel about our “giant of Africa” natural baptism in Nigeria. For a nation of about 57 million budgeting close to US$125 billion when the giant is struggling with $29 billion for 200 million is something that should make us humble. And when you add that Nigeria’s $29 billion budget has to be super-funded via loans, the reality is clearer.

I am not saying you cannot push for DStv to buy $100 and sell $10 in Nigeria, I am simply asking us to make that argument with civility. I am happy here because Real Madrid lost yesterday. And Juventus lost. I mean, what again can I ask for in a weekend of sports? Possibly, Barcelona will reach the mountaintop in the Champions League.


Nigeria Strikes The Perceived Choiceless MultiChoice (DStv, GOTv)



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2 thoughts on “Debating MultiChoice (DStv. GOtv) Pricing in Nigeria with Civility

  1. In a country where many heads were militarized from birth, while some see any challenge to their argument as personal attacks; this is why it’s difficult for a lot of people to engage in disciplined conversations. And rather than raising your quality of argument, you are busy raising your voice, turning everything into a shouting match.

    When capitalists argue on the need for free market, the socialists can counter on how capitalism creates a great divide between the rich and poor; but that’s not what you usually see here, rather it turns into a hysteria on who should be destroyed and who should be kept alive.

    Nigeria will advance once we make a civil debate a common feature wherever we are. Because if you know that your wild claims would be ferociously challenged, with facts demanded, you will think twice when next you are about to release another gibberish to the public.

    If a foreign company is alleged to be milking Nigerians, we need to see numbers and assumptions that give rise to such conclusion; but people will just come around, drop a comment with no basis in reality, and then look for who to attack here.

    Many people are here to learn, so it makes no sense to promote teachings that confuse development.

  2. In a country where people already believe they being exploited, arguments will always result to personal attacks. My simplest analysis is that, football which is the only healthy thing happening to the largest size of the population is becoming a problem to watch, over 70% percent of that population can’t even boast of a monthly salary heathy for such subscription. I know there are many who that subscription charge alone is more than their total monthly earnings and some don’t own houses, there are bills to pay, families to care for. The major problem is that DStv charges are not just healthy for the life of Nigerians and it only provokes pains and one can only feel the company is out just to exploit and make lives miserable instead of contributing to the people’s well-being. The most enslaving part of it is that the customers don’t even have a say, they keep enforcing charges on them, they are as well denied of other options so, tell me how this is not punishment and total waste knowing fully well that power supply is already poor. When people are finding it hard to put food on the table, you are increasing tariffs and it still doesn’t appear evil to you. There are valid point too good to be abandoned on the table of this negotiation.


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