Develop Your Investing Strategy At Tekedia Mini-MBA

Develop Your Investing Strategy At Tekedia Mini-MBA

A few years ago, I was in Awka as a guest of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. During that period, I met His Imperial Majesty, Ezeuzu of Awka, and we discussed many important things about tradition and the Igbo Nation. After meeting the Vice Chancellor and the acada people, I got into Onitsha to connect with my base – OMATA traders.

I asked them what the problem was – why men who built wealth, but a few years post retirement, suddenly became penniless. They said they usually do not know when the money is running out or what to do when the money is coming in. I spoke with experts and developed a program for them.

That program later became a course in Tekedia Mini-MBA called “Personal Finance & Wealth Management “ by Japheth Jev, ACMA, CGMA, ACA,. As one of the traders testified in our last program,  confidence has returned to many. Also, as part of the  settlement process in the Igbo Apprenticeship System, boys are encouraged to include financial planning.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,  as Olayinka Afolayan noted,  Tekedia Mini-MBA offers value.  I invite you to register. We have a course on Week 6 titled “Personal Finance & Wealth Management”.

If you take it and EXECUTE it, you will save the future. See our syllabus here

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