More Developers Prefer Android OS Platform, iOS Sees A Decline, Says Getjar

According to Getjar, when developers were asked what they  are planning on developing for in the next six months vs. what they’re doing today, the result is as follows:


  • IOS:  Today 80% -> Six months from now 55.6%
  • Android: 51.2% Today -> 58% six months from now
  • IOS iPad: 59% Today -> 52% six months from now
  • Android Tablet: 20.5% Today -> 47% six months from now


Simply, Android seems to be the future.


According to the result, another note of interest was the growing interest in Windows Mobile.  Mango seems to be tickling developers pink with 24% of developers saying they’ll develop for the OS compared to less then 9% today.  That’s still less then ½ of the interest in Android but given Windows’ small base it looks like there is some optimism for the Nokia / Windows alliance.  This was further strengthened by by over 70% of developers saying they think Windows Mobile will still be a viable platform in 5 years (Android / iOS scored over 98% here).


Here are issues that will change the market share in coming months:

  • Symbian decline – as confirmed by Nokia’s plans to stop selling Symbian-based devices in the US.


  • Blackberry still faces some challenges with less then 15% of developers interested in developing for the platform the next six months.  It is possible they can lose more market share if developers do not see the continued viability of the company.


So, there are many changes in the share of the OS platform and nothing has taken shape except that Android, minus litigations, seems to be the king now and in the near future.

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